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I have formed a valley and want to turn it into a river.

I have seen a video on how to do this but what I need to know is how to make the selected water follow the contours and length which is rather long in just one operation.






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Do you mean like this?


I added an Ebene and textured it with a water texture, made it mostly transparent so that the rocks would show,


lined it up with the edges and lowered the ebene, so the water was below the top.

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Thanks for the reply Curt,

That wasn't what I was thinking of, but it looks as though it would suffice.

The video I have seen was by Goetz and he did it quite easily in one movement, but when I tried I get a rectangle that spills over the sides and doesn't follow the shape of the valley.

So that now leaves the question, "How do I do your version, please"?


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vor 1 Minute schrieb Eric Lord:

when I tried I get a rectangle that spills over the sides and doesn't follow the shape of the valley.

That's what I did in the video too, Eric

The only reason the water appears to follow the contours is that I did what Curt suggests too:
I made sure the river bed is lower than any other ground. And I lowered the square-shaped water plate enough to hide it under the land.


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Thanks, Goetz,

I will take another look at the video and do it step by step and then hopefully I will get it to work.

At least now at long last, I have made the valley for the water thanks to you.


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I have done something similar.

This was created in V5 (but still works in V6!)


Worth  note: Where the river meets the end of the baseboard, there's an additional rectangle "Ebene" (to use the word our German hosts use) coloured with the same water texture, and turned through 90° on the Y axis, so it is vertical and in the same plane as the edge of the baseboard, thus giving an end to the water itself

This one is entirely in V6, but is a work in progress. Partly because I need to clear out all the events and start from scratch... The river is quite shallow and the waterfall is fixed on the mountain module


The canal, on the other hand...


You can go swimming if you want! Same technique as the end-plate, but set the y-rotation to 180. set te x, y and z coordinates to the same as the surface, linked the two together and presto, the water surface as seen from underneath.

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