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Beginner question


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Hello Kalle,

vor 19 Minuten schrieb Kalle:

frogs and guard rails

can be found as extras.
You may attach them to your switch points. They should snap in place.

e.g. the guard rail has the content ID: 7DAE1618-32ED-4099-A666-43D76BB92CA5
and may be found under:  Thoroughfares\Tracks\Model-oriented\Accessories


Kind regards

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Wow! Thank you Goetz!
Goetz, you are a HERO! Before in EEP, now in this "little" beautiful program!

But I have more questions... :-)

Do you know of any example-plan with real looking switches in the online catalog?
Is there any "ready made" switches that look real?

BahnLand (another "hero"...) have done some more work with visually good looking switches, in this post:

He say he put it here:
And here:
Verkehrswege \ Gleise \ Vorbild-Orientiert \ Normalspur 1435 mm

But, I can not find that.

I can only find "straight" guardrails.
Is there any  "bent" one also, he show in his pictures?

Must I have version 7? (I have only version 5...)

Thax again!

Kind regards

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Hello Kalle,

vor 1 Stunde schrieb Kalle:

Do you know of any example-plan with real looking switches in the online catalog?

Start a fresh layout
open Online catalog -> Landscaping -> Modules
you'll find a collection of cleverly designed layout sections made by Roter Brummer. 

vor 1 Stunde schrieb Kalle:

Must I have version 7?

Probably for what I just suggested, yes. 
Because Brummi remade many of his modules for V7
And it is highly recommended anyway. The advances in comparison to V5 are well worth the upgrade.

Check out the V7 videos on the official train studio YouTube chanel for some of the highlights.

Kind regards

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Hello Kalle,

please have a look to the variations of all models from the categories "Verkehrswege\Gleise\Vorbild-orientiert\Normalspur 1435 mm" and "Verkehrswege\Gleise\Vorbild-orientiert\Zubehör".


For each track, you will find different profiles as variations after clicking the brush symbol and then opening the variation list. For simple tracks, the default variation is "G01 Track with bedding" (let side in the picture above) . For switches the default variation is "W01 Switch track with bedding" (siee th pivture above at the right side), to make switch blades visible.


In the same way there are also variations in the models "Leitschienen" (Guardrails) and "Zubehör statisch" (Static accessories). While the variations of the first model can be stretched along the track axis, the variations of the second model are fix.


When moving the mouse over the preview image of the models regarded here, an overview about all variations of the model will be shown.


The models with all variations described here are available since Train Studio V5.

Many greetings

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