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Building a city - Skyscrapers


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If you're building a modern city into one of your layouts, a selection of different shapes and sizes of skyscrapers is a necessity.  Although the game doesn't offer these buildings, they are very easy to make using existing building's in the game, and as you can see from the screen shots from the layout I titled "Small layout 2", they look pretty good clustered together.  I shared this layout under small layouts in the community, so you can open it and tear it apart if you want to see how each skyscraper was made.

Skyscrapers.jpg Image 1Skyscrapers_1.jpg Image 2Skyscrapers_2.jpg Image 3

To make skyscrapers, start with some of the game's buildings that you think will look good grouped together.  In image 4, I've selectd the Hochhaus 1 in N Scale.

Skyscrapers_3.jpg Image 4


In image 5, I adjust the scale to what I think will look the best.  In this case I took 4 of the Hochhaus 1 buildings and, increased the scale from 0.544 to 0.64, then rotated them so they can be grouped together.

Skyscrapers_4.jpg Image 5


In image 6, I grouped the 4 Hochhaus 1 buildings together to form a square, then copied and pasted the group twice.  I left the original group scaled to 0.64, then increased the scale to 0.9 for the second group, and 1 for the third group.  The gray block on the left will be used to fill the hole left in the middle of the top group.

Skyscrapers_5.jpg Image 6


Image 7 shows the three groups stacked together with the gray block filling the hole in the middle of the top group.  Once you have adjusted the X, Y, and Z axis to get the 3 groups aligned the way you want them, select all three groups (and the gray block) and group them all together.

Skyscrapers_6.jpg Image 7


Image 8 shows a variety of sky scrapers that can be made this way from the game's existing buildings.  You can increase or decrease the scale of each group to vary the finished size of the skyscraper, creating a more realistic down town setting.

Skyscrapers_7.jpg Image 8

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