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  1. Wow! Thank you Goetz! Goetz, you are a HERO! Before in EEP, now in this "little" beautiful program! But I have more questions... :-) Do you know of any example-plan with real looking switches in the online catalog? Is there any "ready made" switches that look real? BahnLand (another "hero"...) have done some more work with visually good looking switches, in this post: https://community.3d-modellbahn.de/forums/topic/458-modelle-von-bahnland/page/23/?tab=comments#comment-66708 He say he put it here: "Verkehrswege\Gleise\Vorbild-orientiert\Zubehör" And here: Verke
  2. Hi! Is there switches with frogs and guard rails in 3d train studio? the best from Sweden!
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