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  1. wow, that looks really good, much better then I thought it would. sorry I wasn't of the ability to respond for a while, but I really think that that looks amazing. thank you for helping me on this!
  2. here they are. to install make a folder, place the OpenAL32.dll there along with TSRE5_v0.6981.exe. then just open the .exe file. i'll send over the shapes, all you need to do is open them in the TSRE5 Shape Viewer. i wont send it here yet if you dont want it, but if you want to then just tell me. its a good suggestion to make it much easier.
  3. that's just if you are okay with downloads
  4. i got an idea that'll make it a bit easier, if you know what microsoft train simulator, there's a consist editor called TSRE5. if you download it correctly there should be a "Shape Viewer" that allows you to look around a 3D model of the consist. you can get that and i can send you the shapes of the locomotive(s) an car(s).
  5. that looks like a good image. can i see what you have done so far, or is it just looking for references for now?
  6. i think it'll be more accurate with the actual surfliner cars. here's a cabcar, just as a reference too, here's another view, just with a different amtrak california wrap, im not worried about the paint. these are just some better images i though will be helpful for the cabcar, when you get there. i also got the other side of the coach.
  7. umm, i'll get some images, i just have to look on google, thank you. if you need more just search for some, i may not be on often. okay... i could not find a good image, but here's a video, you can probrably get some good shots out of this!
  8. if it helps you out, the Amtrak California Surfliner cars are a modified Amtrak Superliner car. you can find images of these to help you.
  9. and that O Gauge one you shown, i have the MTH Trains Rail King set. i just can't find any reasonably prices cars for HO. but thank you for helping get one for 3DTS!
  10. Thank you if anyone can make this. i dont know how to make these trains for 3D train studio so im hoping someone will help me out!
  11. someone should make an Amtrak Surfliner consist, like as i have in my profile image. the F59PHI and the cars, and a cabcar, it is similar to the cars but has a cab and lights, this is an american train consist, it runs on the Surf Line route from San Luis Obispo CA to San Diego CA, i wanted this train for a while, but cannot find any HO scale cars that would complete the consist with the Athers F59PHI. i want to atleast see if i can have this train im my layout for 3D Train Studio.
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