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  1. Recently upgraded to pro V3, the project i was working on now shows as "This project does not exist anymore" ?! I haven't deleted, moved or renamed it - just saved it one night, came back the next day and it's gone. How do I get it back?
  2. Are there or could there be any plans to have English trains in the catalogue in the future? My preference would be the HST 125 as it is a personal favourite of mine. I have tried to see if i could find some on-line to import without success. Would be great if someone has or could do this, with lights that match direction of travel as well.
  3. Thats exactly what i was after!!!! I used the plugin for the animation effect, and it is just what i was after. Little bit of tinkering and got it worked out. THANKS
  4. Hi there, could someone please help with this. I want to automate the turntable on my layout, i can manually click it to turn it by one section at a time in one direction only. How can i set it up to turn and stop in either direction automatically? I have seen some layouts where this has been done but cannot work out how its acheived. Yours hopefully Maritn
  5. how do i go about importing my own objects into 3D train studio? ie. people, vehicles & new trains? I can only see how to import backgrounds/textures
  6. you can also add a switch and/or signal to the board and click the "connect" button in its settings to assign it to a point also in "event control", you can get it to switch automatically when a train passes through, reaches a certain part of the track or after a timer
  7. Been playing around with this for a couple of weeks now and just got found the hill / mountain creator!  My problem is trying to get a near vertical face so as to accommodate a tunnel without it leaving gaps behind it or having part of the hill overlapping the track? Also how do i revert the modified section back to flat again without using the undo function?  I have tried changing the settings (circle,square, horizontal, vertical) but this seem to have little effect if any.   Any help would be greatly appreciated
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