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  1. For me, it's not. There is a box explaining to enter your DVD key to unlock the professional version. But according to you, it's not there. Ok. Doesn't matter. I am done with this company. Deleted all files and will never support anything this company does again. Kind regards.
  2. If this is true, why is it free for DVD owners then? I already HAVE a professional version license. But now I have standard, but yet am NOT downgraded. But I have to "UPGRADE" my license. But I'm not downgraded. Really? ANd they are different VERSIONS, NOT different products. WIndows 10 from Windows 7 was free also. SO bad example to use. It's in the upgrade box "Did you purchase the DVD version? Click here to use your key to unlock the professional version" It's either free for ALL professional users, or none. Why is it free for DVD owners?
  3. V3 Professional. to V4 STANDARD. Please explain how going from a PROFESSIONAL version to a STANDARD version is not a downgrade. The newest PROFESSIONAL version is FREE to owners of the DVD version. It is NOT free for download versions. I must pay an additional 29 euros for the PROFESSIONAL version. It has a box for DVD owners to enter their keys to download PROFESSIONAL version FREE. It even states in the email "As a user of the professional version, you have the opportunity to PURCHASE the new version at a reduced price." If the new STANDARD version IS the old PROFESSIONAL version, this should be made VERY CLEAR. It is not. I also don't speak or read German. I get my emails in German, despite REPEATEDLY asking for English, This is VERY deceiving. If you like it, fine. I DONT. Like I said, I am done with this company. I don't like their tactics. I like transparency. You can disagree all you want. You can call me names all you want. It's my opinion, and it won't change. Be specific. Not vague. Simple customer service really.
  4. I received the email about the newest version. However, after downloading, I find that my version has been DOWNGRADED to standard version from professional version. Why must I pay AGAIN to have the same version? DVD owners don't. Why am I punished for only being able to get the download version? I am angry. This is crap. I WILL NOT purchase anything more form you. Either make it the same for everybody, or not at all. This is BS of the highest order. If dvd owners retain their professional version, why shouldn't I? Ridiculous.