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  1. I’m programming in VB. I haven’t done any since around V5. I am hoping to end up with 3d train studio controlling my model RR when I finally get around to building it I have a few questions about the new features i have noticed in V7 from my VB program ... Can I Access the variables that can be assigned to an object? e.g., a variable in an engine object that i added called “MaxSpeed” Can I access the acceleration and deceleration variables? Can I access things related to the Routes? So, I can start them and maybe check their status. I have noticed a comm
  2. Thans for your help. I am doing it through an external program at this stage. Works well but there are a few things i want to tidy up. I'll ask in the programming part.
  3. I would like to add a Maximum Speed to an engine. I was intending to set up an event instruction so if the Engine gets a new speed command, it will check it, and if the command is greater than the max, then it will set the speed at max. I can set up the instructions but I can’t find a way to trigger the event when the engine receives a new speed command. There seems to be an example on Wiki – event management (basic) –, I can translate the page to English, but it doesn’t translate the example. Could someone help me please? Also, is there an event management (advanced)
  4. I am building some signals that I would like quite detailed up close \, but can be low detailed when moved away. I believe this program can use different level of details, LOD. I have trouble finding this sort of info on Wiki. It would be appreciated if someone could send me some links to where it is explained how to set this up for this program. Or even better an example in Blender Thanks
  5. Does anybody know if this program supports height maps for textures ?
  6. Thank. Looks like that works well. I'll do more tonight. I never thought of that way. I thought it was more complicated. Cheers Richard
  7. Back again My signals almost done; however, I’m trying to add glass to my signals. I’ve been hunting around on wiki, about how to do it, but all I can find is talk about how it can be done with the PBR textures in V6 and V7. I’m guessing the transparency data/layer is added into one of the textures but can’t find the info anywhere. I see in the forum that you have got the glass texture sorted, but couldn’t find how you did it. Is there any chance you could send me a blender example or how the glass texture is done? Cheers
  8. Thanks for your help. It was greatly appreciated. This sorts everything I wanted. I didn’t realise I could use this texture system. I do have the programs for these textures . I also really appreciate finding out about the “ _P_Track_Dynamic “ . It fixed all my coding questions. I had no idea where to find this info. Cheers Richard
  9. Hi Dad3353 Almost There Unfortunately the textures didnt come through. I'm particulary interested in how you set up the texture for the light on the semaphore signal. Cheers
  10. Hi Dad3353 looks good I would like to see the Blender files. but I can't seem to find them
  11. Hi all I’m having a go at making some New Zealand signals but there are some things I would like some more info on… #1 Texture, I can’t get the semi-transparent (light Covers) texture to come through to the game. #2 Textures, Also the luminated (light) texture doesn’t seem to show as I expected. In other programs/games I need to name these types of texture in a certain way for them to work. If so, where can I find info on this? #3 Automation. It does work, but I need to link my signal to a built-in signal for the auto stuff to work. Where could I find some in
  12. Thank you for both reply’s I will use animation method Cheers Richard
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