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  1. Hi Henry, negligible difference. still get misaligned tracks and trains returning on the worse ones. i think the switches also need changing, not just the crossings. nik
  2. Hi Henry, Is there still a problem? Or another one? Are we still 'on' for the revised crossings/turnouts? Sorry if this is a 'nag' Nik
  3. i think there is something wrong with this the wheels dont touch the track when u pass in another cab. btw a lovely model otherwise. my favourite so far.
  4. I would like to add crewmen to locomotives. A partiular issue with steam locomotives. Odd seeing them proceed unmanned. I have tried... ---Pausing. ---Placing 2 people models in the cab at correct height. ---Merging into a fixed group. ---Unpausing. But the train zooms off leaving the 2 people immobile 20mm above the track. Nik
  5. I am assuming this means it can be done. Hooray and thanks for all the hard work all of you have put in. You will probably find it useful for when you do Bachman also. And maybe review Peco again. I am less certain about that. But all 3 are supposed to be inter-operable. ( and are often used in conjunction in the UK as far as I know). I am less concerned about these because I shall work exclusively in Hornby. But I suspect many of your future customers will be. Thx again! Nik
  6. can the problem be addressed by having 2 versions? either of affected pieces only, or the whole set? Nik
  7. yuk dont like that at all. having to use flex track where standard should work. and two different lengths. i thought giving you the exact standard length would cure this. 6 and 5/8 = 6.625 inches = 168.275mm
  8. Hi Henry & Vermanus, Are the switches and crossings being fixed? Below is another demo of problem. 2 switches and 1 crossing stop trains passing at end of quadruple run of straight. 2 other things. a. on this picture you will see it says update failed, click here. when i do so it takes me to the download page forif you newly get the software. Is this correct? my computer tells me I have already downloaded. b. Can I request the Hornby track R636 double level crossing. even if only displaying track. The reason is that this piece is very useful for setting t
  9. thx quackster. i dont understand german but this has given me some clues where to look.
  10. this page gives the standard length as 6 and 5/8 inches. which is 168.275mm http://www.anticsonline.co.uk/1999_1_106717291.html
  11. ditto for this. https://jonscaife.com/model-rail/track-geometries-for-00-gauge-hornby-setrack/ nik
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