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Hiding Objects, Etc.


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I want to talk to you new users about hiding objects, transparent panels, and so forth.

Sometimes it may be useful to make something on your layout invisible, either temporary or permanent.  Hidden.jpg

In this picture, we want to hide the section indicated by the arrow.   to hide something, select it, then click the eye icon (In the black circle) and it will disappear


we've hidden 2 sections of track here, added stop buffers, and a track inspection truck, and set it in motion.  When it came to the hidden section, it did not stop, but continued.  It is still on the track, the track is just hidden.


to make a hidden object visible, click edit, go to Select, then go to the name of the object, (Hidden objects are gray) and select it.  Now Press OK, then click the eye icon again.  Presto, your hidden object is now visible again.   Sometimes you may want to make the bottom panel invisible to see what is beneath it.  Double click the panel, then click Transparent in the lower right.


Where did the Base GO???   (Hint:  It is transparent)    No Matter where I click, I cannot select the base...    Try what you did to select an invisible object from before to select the base, Now click on Transparent to make the base visible again.



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