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  1. A similar question, Could I use Sketchup to create a signal that does not have lights but a swinging arm. The Arm swings from one side to the other when track switch is changed. Eine ähnliche Frage: Könnte ich Sketchup verwenden, um ein Signal zu erstellen, das keine Lichter, sondern einen schwingenden Arm hat. Der Arm schwingt von einer Seite zur anderen, wenn die Weiche umgestellt wird.
  2. Using several sections or panels in a layout does not bog down a computer as much as one big panel. When you landscape, you are doing it in smaller sections. You can also turn individual panels on or off as you work to speed up the graphics. Die Verwendung mehrerer Abschnitte oder Felder in einem Layout belastet den Computer nicht so sehr wie ein einziges großes Feld. Wenn Sie ein Querformat erstellen, tun Sie dies in kleineren Abschnitten. Sie können auch einzelne Bereiche während der Arbeit ein- oder ausschalten, um die Grafik zu beschleunigen.
  3. Walter. MBS has always shown fog when working at a great height. Your plate is exceeding large. You are overloading the graphics of your computer. 2.5 X 2 scale miles is huge. I would try to work with a smaller Plate. My computer does the same at that size. Walter. MBS hat bei Arbeiten in großer Höhe immer Nebel angezeigt. Ihre Platte ist zu groß. Sie überlasten die Grafik Ihres Computers. 2,5 x 2 Skalenmeilen sind riesig. Ich würde versuchen, mit einer kleineren Platte zu arbeiten. Mein Computer tut das Gleiche bei dieser Größe.
  4. I should add that I just noticed that two of the camera views are in the wrong frame. Easily fixed. also Frame 0 (Top left corner) has an engine start button. I select this view with the numbers at the top center of the program, and pressing the engine start button then activates the other views via EV.
  5. Dad3353 is correct, I have used up to 50 or more cameras. Events makes it easy to manage, and with Multi-view you can display more than one at a time. Just on my trains alone I have over 28 cameras. Curt
  6. the Ryzen had 4 more physical cores, 25 watts vs 35 watts for the I7, 7 nm vs 10 nm (the 7 nm is denser meaning more circuits on same size die.) Multi-core processing is faster on an AMD.
  7. The ACER has more processing power.
  8. Tried a fresh download and install, and changing the API, but no luck. I guess I will just have to live without V3.
  9. I know that V3 is old, and limited, but I sometimes use it for various purposes. I found that I was unable to connect to the servers. I get an error Connection to the server could not be established. It works fine with later versions. Any idea why?
  10. Have you made any of the files that are in MBS read only? You might also try reinstalling ActiveX and your video drivers. Haben Sie eine der Dateien in MBS schreibgeschützt gemacht? Sie könnten auch versuchen, ActiveX und Ihre Grafiktreiber neu zu installieren.
  11. create an event that uses the Vehicle leaves a track event and have it set the speed to 95 This is generic using any vehicle, but a specific track/ It can also be just one vehicle,
  12. Setting acceleration and deceleration within the control panel for a locomotive gives a realistic action for whenever the locomotive starts or stops regardless of where the loco is in the layout. In some early railroads approaches to bridges or trestles had a sign to warn the engineer to slow to a certain speed for crossing the bridge or trestle. This is where you would place a track contact to slow all trains approaching the bridge.
  13. first login using your username here and the password. Second transfer the data files from your old computer
  14. I used Primitives (Quader) with a wall texture Ich habe Primitives (Quader) mit einer Wandtextur verwendet
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