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    If MBS could be made to support .gif files, then you could make a moving sky.
  2. You have a problem with the texture(s) They are too big and need to be scaled down. Sie haben ein Problem mit der/den Textur(en) Sie sind zu groß und müssen verkleinert werden.
  3. The images look good, and I think that is all Neo needs to see that they are your models. Las imágenes se ven bien, y creo que es todo lo que Neo necesita para ver que son tus modelos. Die Bilder sehen gut aus, und ich denke, das ist alles, was Neo braucht, um zu sehen, dass sie Ihre Vorbilder sind.
  4. Curt84328


    I made the parking spaces by creating a texture with the white stripes, etc. and the rest of the image invisible (use .png image) and import it into MBS Ich habe die Parkplätze erstellt, indem ich eine Textur mit den weißen Streifen usw. und den Rest des Bildes unsichtbar gemacht habe (verwenden Sie das .png-Bild) und es in MBS importiert habe.
  5. Curt84328


    Are we talking about something like this? Reden wir über so etwas?
  6. Ich glaube, dass die Unsichtbarkeit von Objekten wenig bis gar keine Auswirkungen auf die Leistung hat.
  7. Curt84328

    Sehenswerte Eisenbahnfilme

    Here are a couple of railroad videos (they are actually music videos of an old American Railroad song). The first is by a well known Country and Western Artist - Johnny Cash. It contains some excellent video of American Steam Locomotives. The second is a different version of the same song by Boxcar Willie. Boxcar Willie was famous for railroad songs and being able to whistle just like a steam Locomotive.
  8. Curt84328

    Missing Passenger cars

    I noticed that the passenger cars that go with Seehund's Personenzug-Dampflok B VI der Bayerischen Staatsbahn locomotive are missing from the online catalog. I was fortunate enough to get the baggage/3rd class, the 3rd class, and 2nd class cars. should we add them, and does anyone have the 1st class car?
  9. Curt84328

    Object by name, and setting switches

    OK, Just to clarify, Your event list has 6 parts, you have placed triggers at the stop points on each track, and given each stop point the keyword Stop on track. That I have been able to replicate. Each Locomotive has a text key that defines the route for that locomotive (Track) and a text value (Track2) IN the EV there is an event that when trigger vehicle triggers the track contact, it sets the speed for the trigger vehicle to 0. (this does not seem to interact with other events, it just stops vehicles?) You also have some User Defined tracks that define the switch settings for a specific route (or track)? finally there is a trigger that checks the track value, and sets the route based on the track value? does that seem right?
  10. I am new to V5. and not sure how the new EV works. I have a switch tree that I want to control by Locomotive name. Ich bin neu bei V5 und bin mir nicht sicher, wie die neue EV funktioniert. Ich habe einen Weichenbaum, den ich über den Loknamen steuern möchte. I want to read the Locomotive name as it enters the green track, and then set the switches based on the locomotive name. There will be 7 locomotives, and the switch settings will vary. based on the locomotive names. Is it possible to use a table with the locomotive names and have the switch settings in the table, then set the switches based on the values in the table? Ich möchte den Namen der Lokomotive lesen, wenn sie in das grüne Gleis einfährt, und dann die Weichen auf der Grundlage des Loknamens stellen. Es wird 7 Lokomotiven geben, und die Weichenstellungen werden je nach Loknamen variieren. Ist es möglich, eine Tabelle mit dem Loknamen und die Weichenstellungen in der Tabelle haben und dann die Weichen auf der Grundlage der Werte in der Tabelle einstellen? Übersetzt mit www.DeepL.com/Translator (kostenlose Version)
  11. It can take days or even weeks to get new features ready to add to MBS.
  12. Curt84328

    Wo finde ich meine Anlagen und Modelle

    A question for @Neo. The Catalog.db contains a listing and info for all the assets that are contained in the data folder. Is there a way to export the individual items in it, and import them into another copy. as in exporting individual items to a new copy of MBS, or is it easier to just move everything. (I need to import a few items from my 4.0 to my 5.0, and do not want to loose some items currently in my 5.0)
  13. Curt84328

    Wo finde ich meine Anlagen und Modelle

    First find the WIndows 7 ssd and locate users/ and your user name. then...
  14. Curt84328

    Wo finde ich meine Anlagen und Modelle

    The user assets are there, but the index is one level up. called catalog.db
  15. Curt84328

    Help in the forums.

    Chrome does a fair job translating to english, and there is always DeepL