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  1. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    The Information in this post is intended for those who are somewhat new to MBS. I've been working on the Monument and the barrier around it. The barrier is formed from Kugeln (for the bases), Zylindern for the main poles, and Kugeln for the caps. the chains are quaders Custom textures can be a wonderful thing to use, but be sure to import them into MBS and I recommend using a custom folder for them. using a custom folder for all custom textures makes it easier to Export them when you get ready to share your layout. (You will need to export them, and upload them to a file sharing site if you want others to see your layout properly) It's always a good idea to rename objects in your object list as it makes it easier to find what you are looking for later. viele Grüße Curtis
  2. Curt84328

    Sounds (and maybe Video)

    cool, I am working on Golden Spike site, and thought it would be cool to play the actual driving of the golden spike.
  3. Curt84328

    Sounds (and maybe Video)

    Normally I would agree with you about possible abuse, but in this situation, I have a special video that I want to insert in a layout that goes directly with the theme of the layout.
  4. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    The actual monument at Golden Spike that sat at the exact location of the driving of the Golden Spike from 1945 to 1969. (24 years) It has since been moved to in front of the visitor's center built with 2 pyramids,2 boxes and an ebene. The top of one pyramid was chopped off with a special texture that is transparent at the top.
  5. Curt84328

    Sounds (and maybe Video)

    let me add a bit. I am asking if it is possible to pass a command to an external program such as PotPlayer to run a video in response to an event.
  6. Curt84328

    weiche komplett schalten

    I'm hoping this will help somehow this track configuration looks like what you had in mind, and consists of 6 switches and some straight pieces. traffic from any lane (left or right) CAN be routed to any lane on the other side.
  7. Curt84328

    Sounds (and maybe Video)

    I know it is possible to play sounds (MP3) in MBS, but is it possible to play a video? The same parts of the software that handle sound should be able to handle video (MP4)
  8. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    Telegraph lines going up / Telegrafenleitungen gehen nach oben
  9. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    I wanted to show you part of a layout that I am working on. I am attempting to replicate the Golden Spike Historic Site as closely as MBS will allow. Here are some pictures of some of what I have done so far. Ich wollte dir einen Teil eines Layouts zeigen, an dem ich gerade arbeite. Ich versuche, die Golden Spike Historic Site so nah wie möglich an die MBS anzupassen. Hier sind einige Bilder von dem, was ich bisher gemacht habe. This is the turning wye at the east end of the Site with the Diesel Switch engine, the Locomotive Shed, and other features. The U.S. Park service located at Golden Spike calls this the Omaha - Sacramento Wye, and use it to turn the locomotives. Dies ist die Wende am östlichen Ende des Standorts mit dem Diesel Switch Lok, dem Lokschuppen und anderen Merkmalen. Der U.S. Park Service in Golden Spike nennt dies Omaha - Sacramento Wye und nutzt es, um die Lokomotiven zu drehen. The Diesel Switcher is an emergency method to move the steam locomotives in the event that they break down, or the fire dies, or they run out of steam. Der Dieselumschalter ist ein Notverfahren, um die Dampflokomotiven im Falle eines Ausfalls zu bewegen, oder das Feuer erlischt, oder ihnen geht der Dampf aus. East end (Omaha end) of the turning wye with manual switch. Switched are locked, as all switches in the prototype must be set for both locomotives. Thanks @BahnLand for the manual switch and foundation stone. They were as close to original as could be found. Ostende (Omaha-Ende) des Wendekreises mit Handschalter. Die Schalter sind verriegelt, da alle Schalter des Prototyps gesperrt sind. muss für beide Lokomotiven eingestellt sein. Vielen Dank an @BahnLand für den manuellen Schalter und den Grundstein. Sie waren so nah am Original, wie es nur möglich war. The Double Switch in front of the Locomotive Shed. Der Doppelschalter vor dem Lokomotivschuppen. The Locomotive Shed with the Ash Pit and the Inspection pits inside. Each Locomotive has an assigned bay, and Inspection pit. Tools, Work space and equipment is located in the center between the tracks. Das Lokomotivschuppen mit dem Aschenschacht und den Inspektionschächten im Inneren. Jede Lokomotive hat einen zugeordneten Schacht, und Inspektionsgrube. Werkzeuge, Arbeitsraum und Ausrüstung befinden sich in der Mitte zwischen den Schienen. das Einfahrtsschild The Entry Sign Tracks crossing road (as seen from 119) Gleise, die die Straße kreuzen (aus der Sicht von 119) Still to come, The Visitors center, finish laying tracks, and add the telegraph lines The Visitor Center will be the hardest as it is very complex. Noch zu kommen, das Besucherzentrum, beenden Sie die Gleisverlegung und fügen Sie die Telegrafenleitungen hinzu. Das Besucherzentrum wird das schwierigste sein, da es sehr komplex ist. viele Grüße an alle, Curtis
  10. This Idea applies only to the Steam / Smoke aspect of 2 or more locomotives in a train. If smoke / steam what about the speed of a locomotive, and not whether it is driven or not. If the smoke effect is activated when a locomotive speed exceeds 0 KPH then the problem is solved. Diese Idee gilt nur für den Dampf / Rauch Aspekt von 2 oder mehr Lokomotiven in einem Zug. Wenn Rauch / Dampf, was ist mit der Geschwindigkeit einer Lokomotive, und nicht, ob sie gefahren wird oder nicht. Wenn der Raucheffekt aktiviert wird, wenn eine Lokomotive eine Geschwindigkeit von mehr als 0 KPH erreicht, ist das Problem gelöst.
  11. I have here a simple layout that mimics the no blade switch out at promontory. Visibility and switching are done via the EV Promontory's no blade switch.mbp
  12. Curt84328

    Historical US rail transport

    Just for fun This is a redesign of the controls of Reinhard's 119 (and no,I don't plan to release this) and closer
  13. Curt84328

    Allg. einfache Weiche mit beweglichen Zungen

    The point piece on prototype switches does not have any bends. Unnecessary work. All you need is the frog and the guard bars.
  14. Curt84328

    Allg. einfache Weiche mit beweglichen Zungen

    if you wish a super realistic look to your turn outs, the piece that @h.w.stein-info created could be inserted into a switch manually. the actual prototype looks like this. However most people would not care that much Gruss Curtis
  15. a small request if possible... If there are not fences of this type with square tops (instead of pointed), could a variant be created with square tops? many thanks and greetings Curtis