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  1. Curt84328

    ... auch mal Pause...

    enjoy your vacation.
  2. Curt84328


    for simple mountains you can use a separate plate from the main plate and after making the first basic height adjustment, export the Height map, and import it into Paint.net, USE effects / Distort / Crystalize and use a small cell size. Für einfache Berge können Sie eine separate Platte von der Hauptplatine verwenden und nach der ersten grundlegenden Höhenanpassung die Höhenkarte exportieren und in Paint.net importieren, Effekte verwenden / verzerren / kristallisieren und eine kleine Zellengröße verwenden.
  3. Curt84328

    Coal wagons, loaded and unloaded.

    A few of my textures. textures1.zip
  4. Curt84328

    Coal wagons, loaded and unloaded.

    some of my custom hopper and flatbed loads
  5. Curt84328

    Coal wagons, loaded and unloaded.

    I use a half cylinder primitive sized to fit a hopper car and paint different textures on it for simulating loads like Iron Ore, Grain, Potatoes, etc. you can make the primitive invisible to simulate unloading.
  6. upper and lower plates should be on different layers, hide the lower when adjusting the upper.
  7. Curt84328

    Brush sizes

    Would it be possible, in an upcoming release of MBS, to allow a user to save a preferred brush size for mountains, painting and holes? I commonly use brush size 10, gradient 0, and vertical shape. It would be handy to set your own defaults, or have the program remember what you last used.
  8. Curt84328

    proper scaling of models for MBS

    file format(s) are blend, 3ds, and what looks like wavefront. I just downloaded Blender 2.78c , but am very new to 3d modelling. the file appears to contain 3 trees. I'll include some screenshots, and maybe someone can tell me what to do.
  9. sometimes it may be desired to adjust the terrain between two tracks that are at different levels. Using the terrain adjust feature in MBS results in terrain that is level with each track, but leaves a rough terrain between tracks with huge gaping pits. Note the holes between the tracks activating the landscaping icon (The Mountain) allows you to make fine manual adjustments to the area between tracks. Clicking on the first (Topmost square that is at least partly in the area to adjust) and reading the height below, then entering the value into a calculator will allow you to determine the values for adjusting. clicking the bottommost square (again, in the area to adjust) will give you the other value. take the top value - (Minus) the bottom value to get the height difference. in this case the height difference is 21.56 MM now take the number of squares between tracks - (Minus) the top and bottom Squares/ Example has 6 squares (not counting top and bottom squares). Divide the height difference by the number of squares, this value turns out to be 3.59333 mm insert this value into memory. take the height of the top square. - (Minus) the calculated value to get the height of the second square. take this value (Minus) the calculated value for the third square, and so on. When you reach the last square the value read should match the calculated value for same square within .1 mm This results in a smooth, even slope between tracks.
  10. Wenn diese Frage vorher gestellt wurde, bitte entschuldigen Sie die Wiederholung der Frage. Ich habe einige 3D-Modelle im Web gefunden (die auf den Webseiten als kostenlos markiert sind) und wollen sie richtig skalieren, um in das MBS-System passen. Gibt es ein Programm, das dies tun wird und wie mache ich das? Danke für Ihre Hilfe.
  11. Curt84328

    How to Uncouple

    I'll work something up.
  12. Curt84328

    How to Uncouple

    there is not a way to read the name of a wagon (rail car) so the only way to do this is to setup the track and have each car backed onto it's own track, or section thereof. you can make several trigger tracks and have them very short. this would allow a train to backup, drop a car, pull forward, drop another etc.
  13. Curt84328

    How to Uncouple

    let me check and see on some system variables
  14. Curt84328

    How to Uncouple

    this will seem very complex, but you can setup an event in the EV where a train enters a track (track sections can be very short, and with conditions you can set a direction.) and when the train enters the track section, it triggers a coupler on a sp, specific wagon with either the front coupler, the rear coupler, or both to open or close, this will drop a wagon on a siding track via EV. ask if you need more info.
  15. Curt84328


    Vielleicht ist der Benutzername der Groß- / Kleinschreibung, oder Sie haben vielleicht ein Leerzeichen lobo1948 vs lobo 1948 eingefügt