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  1. while One Drive, it is limited by your internet speed and the amount of space available on One Drive. I'm not sure that One Drive autolocks files.
  2. Here are the basics of how folders and data are shared on a network. This is a simple network with 2 computers and a router. While connected to the same network, both computers can use the same data, but only one at a time. Here, the Laptop (While connected to the network) sends information that a folder on it's hard drive can be read by and written to by other computers on the network. The other computer must be setup to read this data (Once) Here, We are looking at the Network from within Windows 10. Desktop-9KTF1H9 can be seen, because it is the local
  3. close, but not quite. bear with me as I create the images for the explanation soon to follow.
  4. actually yes, yes it is. but... only one computer at a time. You have to have a local area network, which would be created by a router. Both computers must be on, and connected to the network. You create a shared drive on one (It really only has to be one folder) and make that folder available to the network, say as Z: now, place your data into the folder and set the path example Z:3D-Modelbahn Studio V6\Catalog and both computers will look here for their data files The first computer to access the data will lock the files, but they unlock when you exit the
  5. Yes, thanks, Metallix, showed me the same thing, and after an afternoon of false starts, I got it working. this is the tractor and baler before track contact Track Contact Triggered, and a hay bale dropped, and ready to be picked up by the wagon closeup of the rear of the baler Side view showing Hitch, Power take off shaft and fly wheel. Thanks everyone. Curtis
  6. You are correct that the baler is not a vehicle, and I just figured that one out, but good to know.
  7. I have a few issues, and want your opinions. First, in my layout I have a section that features making and gathering hay bales. I have a hay baler, and every so often want to drop a hay bale to the ground. There is one behind the baler, but it is hard to see. I figured I could place a track contact on the track and use it to make a bale already placed become visible. The problem is that It becomes cumbersome to implement as each bale then needs it's own event. Can I create some sort of table that lists each bale name etc? I would then make them invisible again and
  8. are there tiny gaps between tunnel sections? my tunnels are lit, but not from sunlight.
  9. this should help Excelsior Curtis
  10. Do you mean like this? I added an Ebene and textured it with a water texture, made it mostly transparent so that the rocks would show, lined it up with the edges and lowered the ebene, so the water was below the top.
  11. Small boards joined together would decrease the graphics load on the computer, but it would be necessary to make some invisible when landscaping.
  12. You have an issue with not enough graphics power. The larger your base boards, and the higher the grid, the more graphics power is needed.
  13. raise the height of the base plate by adjusting terrain on the entire base plate by about 25.4 cm or 50.8 cm. Now select just the outer control points and lower them to 0. erhöhen Sie die Höhe der Grundplatte, indem Sie das Gelände auf der gesamten Grundplatte um ca. 25,4 cm bzw. 50,8 cm anpassen. Wählen Sie nun nur die äußeren Kontrollpunkte aus und senken Sie diese auf 0 ab. It will look like this. Das sieht dann so aus.
  14. I sometimes have issues, but if I optimize my hard drive (HDD, not SSD) and then clear the cache and the Prefetch folder, performance seems to get restored to optimum.
  15. First, give each car with doors that you want to open a keyword trigger: For each car with keyword Play animation forward timer timer expires Play animation reverse set vehicle speed for locomotive.
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