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  1. Curt84328

    Parallele Arbeit

    Lets look at file structure in MBS. The catalog file is only an index file for the data directory. All layouts and custom textures etc are stored as files in the data folder. You would have to have access to this folder, and the catalog file from both machines and a flag to indicate file in use to collaborate. (beyond the ability of MBS at this time) Schauen wir uns die Dateistruktur in MBS an. Die Katalogdatei ist nur eine Indexdatei für das Datenverzeichnis. Alle Layouts und benutzerdefinierten Texturen etc. werden als Dateien im Datenverzeichnis gespeichert. Sie müssten Zugriff auf diesen Ordner und die Katalogdatei von beiden Maschinen aus haben und ein Kennzeichen, das die Datei in Verwendung für die Zusammenarbeit anzeigt. (über die Möglichkeiten von MBS zu diesem Zeitpunkt hinaus) Übersetzt mit www.DeepL.com/Translator (kostenlose Version)
  2. Curt84328

    Lokvariation einfügen

    I hope this translates properly. Ich hoffe, dass das richtig übersetzt wird. there are two methods for creating variations of Locomotives or rolling stock. One is to use an exchange texture if possible. Load the locomotive into your layout and click the paintbrush. Es gibt zwei Methoden zur Erstellung von Variationen von Lokomotiven oder Fahrzeugen. Die eine ist die Verwendung einer Austauschtextur, wenn möglich. Laden Sie die Lokomotive in Ihre Anlage und klicken Sie den Pinsel an. export a template to use as a pattern. eine Vorlage zur Verwendung als Muster zu exportieren. here is Reinhardt's 119 locomotive. and below is a modified texture for my Colorado Midland Tour Locomotive. hier ist Reinhardts 119er Lokomotive. und unten ist eine modifizierte Textur für meine Colorado Midland Tour Lokomotive. applied to the locomotive it looks like this. Auf die Lokomotive aufgetragen sieht es so aus. the basic shape remains the same, but the outside has changed. The other method, when no exchange texture is available involves creating a series of small ebenen and krisflache and applying them to the locomotive. I used Seehund's Bayern locomotive and since he is no longer with us, this texture cannot be released. Die Grundform bleibt gleich, aber das Äußere hat sich verändert. Die andere Methode, wenn keine Austauschtextur zur Verfügung steht, besteht darin, eine Reihe von kleinen Ebenen und Krisflachen zu erstellen und diese auf die Lokomotive aufzutragen. Ich habe die Bayern-Lokomotive von Seehund verwendet und da er nicht mehr bei uns ist, kann diese Textur nicht freigegeben werden. Here is the original with replacement textures ready to apply Hier ist das Original mit Ersatztexturen fertig zum Auftragen here the textures have been applied. hier wurden die Texturen aufgetragen.
  3. Curt84328

    Gleise verwinden

    using short sections of track accomplishes this automatically. Die Verwendung kurzer Streckenabschnitte bewirkt dies automatisch.
  4. Curt84328

    A few basics for beginners.

    Placing new Logos (service marks) on existing rolling stock for new look This is the original locomotive and tender that I used for the passenger train. (original by Seal) Here I have added logos on locomotive and tender to cover original markings as well as changing plate on boiler to indicate route. here is the original passenger car. changed the logo on passenger car. another Locomotive and tender and cars. The Original was Reinhardt's 119 and tender. Full exchange textures created for this closeup of Logo on Passenger car (original was by seal) You can see that small changes can make things look different, and fit better in your layout.
  5. Curt84328

    A few basics for beginners.

    das ist gut zu wissen, einfacher ist immer besser
  6. did you by any chance move of delete the data folder? or change any computer settings in windows?
  7. Curt84328

    A few basics for beginners.

    if we carry the last idea one step further, we get this This tiny camera, located in the tender, is aimed at the cockpit of the locomotive. it shows this view You have your speed control, stop, and 4 camera controls all handy. Since the top camera (seen in first picture) is set to track the locomotive, it is always properly centered. The left and right camera toggles are for hidden cameras that are aimed out the front side windows. track signal switches are all clickable from the camera views.
  8. Curt84328

    A few basics for beginners.

    Locomotive speed and stopping MBS has a nice speed control (drehregler / tacho) and a decent stop switch (not aus), but they can take up valuable space if you place them in a cab or control area. if you rescale the Not Aus button to .4 and raise the height by 6 mm, the two pieces fit quite nicely. group them for final placement and final scaling then ungroup to connect them to the locomotive.
  9. I have been building layouts for a while, and discover new things to do all the time. Here are a few tricks or tips for new beginners. LANDSCAPING track beds. Roter Brummer and Bahnland have come up with a way to smooth the embankments on track beds when dealing with 2 tracks at different levels. I usually lay track on a flat surface and adjust the landscape later. here I have the base level at -70 mm. (it's a below grade level and there will be levels above it) The track was originally at -63 mm. and was then lowered to -69 mm (1 mm above the base plate) I set the terrain level to 100 mm and adjusted the terrain. now raise the track 1 mm to -68 mm and the terrain to 90 mm and adjust again continue doing this til you reach the original track level. Your terrain adjust should be at 40 mm at this point. raise the track 1 more mm, and by checking the dimensions of the track (this is HO scale) you find that the track is 30 mm wide. set the terrain width to 30 mm and adjust again. now drop the track 1 mm to original track height. looking at a more sideways view, you see the sleepers are part way embedded in the embankment, just like real track. EVENT MANAGEMENT I'm using V4 (too poor to upgrade right now ) By creating a series of folders and labeling them properly, it is easier to find a particular set of instructions This is my "repair" train right camera event. I have a toggle switch in view of the "repair top camera" and by toggling it, it activates the "repair Right Cam" then toggles the toggle switch that activated the right camera, and starts a 15 second timer. I use the same timer for all cameras on the "repair train" and the instruction reactivates the top camera.
  10. Curt84328

    Promontory Summit (Golden Spike)

    Here are a series of Pictures of the layout. They are hyperlinked, rather than embedded. The Sign at the entrance to the park Approaching the Railroad track crossing Railroad crossing seen from other side. The Road to the Visitor Center Buttercup, a diesel switch engine used for emergencies, at Omaha end of mainline. (Side View) Closeup view of Buttercup Locomotive Shed and work building Locomotive Shed with Doors open
  11. Curt84328

    Promontory Summit (Golden Spike)

    Yes, my Golden Spike National Historic Park AKA Promontory Summit layout is complete. I have created a zip file containing the Layout file, all custom files, and a readme. it may be downloaded here > https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JEmcs2-be9cyrbOOGrhaEJLdN6dWSKJ2/view?usp=sharing videos and pictures will follow soon. Ja, mein Layout des Golden Spike National Historic Park AKA Promontory Summit ist komplett. Ich habe eine Zip-Datei erstellt, die die Layout-Datei, alle benutzerdefinierten Dateien und ein Readme enthält. es kann hier heruntergeladen werden > https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JEmcs2-be9cyrbOOGrhaEJLdN6dWSKJ2/view?usp=sharing Videos und Bilder folgen in Kürze.
  12. Curt84328

    Promontory Summit (Golden Spike)

    Custom Switches for Layout. Benutzerdefinierte Schalter für das Layout. First, the Prototype switch located at the Sacramento end of the turning wye. Set for Spur, not mainline. Zuerst der Schalter Prototyp, der sich am Sacramento-Ende des Wendeweges befindet. Wird auf Spur gesetzt, nicht auf Hauptlinie. Model Switch, set for mainline. Located also at the Sacramento End of the turning wye. Modellwechsel, eingestellt auf Hauptleitung. Befindet sich auch am Sacramento-Ende des Drehkreuzes. Model Signal Switch, set for Spur line. Modell Signalschalter, eingestellt auf Spurleitung.
  13. Curt84328

    Structure of Data Files

    I have a few questions regarding the structure of the catalog and data files in MBS. in the folder for mbs, I see a folder called catalog which has a catalog file, and a folder called data. the files in data seem to correspond to the custom textures, 3d models and sounds created in mbs, but not shared/ IS that correct, and are the numbers unique to the entire MBS system or are the numbers duplicated in another user's data folder/
  14. Curt84328

    Promontory Summit (Golden Spike)

    In the Golden Spike layout, there are a number of informational signs and other points of Interest. Here is a video of a tour from the back of the visitor center to the locomotives and back. Im Layout des Goldenen Spikes gibt es eine Reihe von Informationsschildern und anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten. Hier ist ein Video von einer Tour von der Rückseite des Besucherzentrums zu den Lokomotiven und zurück. Visitor Center to Locomotives and back to Visitor Center
  15. Curt84328

    Gleisbettung ?

    there are track textures that have only the rails, and no sleepers. Es gibt Gleistexturen, die nur die Schienen und keine Schwellen haben.