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    Lassen Sie uns versuchen, dies auf einer Stück für Stück Ebene zu erklären. Die farbigen Stücke der Strecke dienen nur dazu, die Dinge zu erklären. Ein roter Stein könnte Stopp bedeuten, und ein grüner Stein könnte Los bedeuten. Das ist ganz einfach. Nehmen wir an, Sie wollen Zug B anhalten, wenn Zug A in eine bestimmte Strecke einfährt, und dann fahren, wenn Zug A diese Strecke verlässt. Dies geschieht in V4 und darunter bei Ereignissen. Wenn Zug A in ein bestimmtes Gleis einfährt, ist das Ereignis, wenn der Zug in das Gleis einfährt (Zug A in das Triggergleis). die Aktion wird als Fahrzeuggeschwindigkeit (Zug B) auf 0 gesetzt, ein anderes Ereignis ist, wenn der Zug das Gleis verlässt (Zug A verlässt das Triggergleis). Übersetzt mit www.DeepL.com/Translator
  2. seems like the crossing barriers have 2 states, open and closed. You can check the state of the crossing and use that to stop vehicles on any road or track. when the state changes, you can use that to restart the vehicle.
  3. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    I thought I'd update everyone on my Golden Spike layout. this is the front of the Visitor Center without landscaping. The ovals indicate some of the custom textures used. @Neo, I want to release the custom textures I used (I created them from Pictures I took), but they would have a limited use. Ideally they should be in a special set (Golden Spike) this is a closeup of the Southern Pacific Monument and the sign explaining it. This is the back side of the visitor center from beyond the Union Pacific spur line. Again there are many custom textures are used. a closeup of the back with 2 signs explaining the evolution of US railroad rails. I plan to release this layout when complete, but need to upload all the custom textures Curtis
  4. Curt84328

    Polygonzahl anzeigen

    Correct me if I am wrong, but would not a 3d model with a higher polygon count, but no animation, take less processor power (GPU usage) than a 3D Model that has a lower polygon count but has Animation? What we really need is a representation of the amount of processor power being used to show the 3d model.
  5. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    Visitor Center 95% complete front side back side
  6. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    Visitor Center (Under Construction)
  7. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    The Observation platform in use, with 119
  8. Curt84328

    Golden Spike

    Another Update: I've nearly reworked the entire layout, replacing a number of models with newly built models. I have rebuilt the visitor center based on pictures and measurements, but not ready to show it yet. Out on the main line there are 2 observation platforms that I rebuilt. they now look like this. and the prototype they are based on.
  9. Curt84328

    Zum Hochladen oder nicht

    I have a number of textures that I have created, and wonder if I should Upload them. Some are custom textures for the 4-4-0 locomotives, and some are just general textures that I have created for layouts I am building. My thoughts are that some are worth including in the catalog, and others would just be bundled with the layout as an add-on. Ich habe eine Reihe von Texturen, die ich erstellt habe, und frage mich, ob ich sie hochladen soll. Einige sind kundenspezifische Texturen für die 4-4-0 Lokomotiven, und andere sind nur allgemeine Texturen, die ich für Layouts erstellt habe, die ich gerade baue. Meine Gedanken sind, dass einige es wert sind, in den Katalog aufgenommen zu werden, und andere würden einfach als Add-On mit dem Layout gebündelt werden.
  10. Curt84328

    Converting a model

    Is it possible to take a 3d model created in MBS (from primitives) and convert it so that it includes the textures?
  11. Curt84328

    Promontory Visitor Center

    Here is a rough draft of the outside of the Promontory Visitor Center. I will be going out to get more pictures for textures and exact images inside and out. I did not realize just how hard it is to build good models. thanks everyone
  12. The Issue is that you are speeding, but not direction. try this one. added directional checks and increased speed a bit. does not actually stop / just slows test2.mbp
  13. Curt84328

    light source

    Daytime, the light panel is turned on, but the windows are frosted same scene at night.
  14. Curt84328

    light source

    That indeed does work as I am building a building entirely with cubes and planes. thanks Curtis
  15. Curt84328

    light source

    Is there an object in MBS that can serve as a light source? I want to stick one inside a building so that the windows glow.