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  1. Curt84328

    Anstellen, Gleislängen und andere Anfängerfragen

    sorry this is english. to raise several tracks, group the tracks, then move to the end of the tracks, and release the group. All tracks are selected that way/ the program also shows the degree of slope. to get the actual track length (scale) select a track, click edit and read the length
  2. Curt84328

    Custom Textures and Sounds etc

    I saved my layout as an Mbp file, then moved some textures from My Textures to a subfolder within my textures. I then closed 3DTS and loaded the MBP file. It worked just fine with all the custom textures, so 3DTS must search all subfolders.
  3. Curt84328

    Custom Textures and Sounds etc

    Does it matter where custom textures and sounds are stored for a layout? I have several subfolders for Backgrounds, Materials, Signs, etc. If I shared a layout and included a link to the textures would the other person have to recreate my subfolders or just import them?
  4. Curt84328

    Wine V4 und MacOS Mojave

    I don't think the program will even install if it cannot find compatible graphics, so there is no answer.
  5. If I take an area (circle) about 1000 mm radius and plant it full of trees, link them to the bottom plate then stretch the same circle into a cone shaped mountain, will the trees rise with the landscape?
  6. Curt84328

    Aid for placing features in Landscape

    a tiny section done
  7. I have a river that needs to be placed precisely on the landscape of my layout. Ich habe einen Fluss, der genau in die Landschaft meiner Anlage eingefügt werden muss. I took the plans, and clipped the section of the river out. I removed the background leaving just the river edges. Ich nahm die Pläne und schnitt den Flussabschnitt aus. Ich entfernte den Hintergrund und ließ nur die Flusskanten zurück. I expanded the edges to get exact power of two for dimensions. Ich habe die Kanten erweitert, um eine exakte Zweierpotenz für Abmessungen zu erhalten. This was placed on the base place exactly .1 mm above the terrain level. Dieser wurde exakt 0,1 mm über dem Gelände auf dem Sockel platziert. I now have a guide for adjusting the height of the river bed. Ich habe jetzt eine Anleitung zum Einstellen der Höhe des Flussbettes.
  8. Curt84328

    variablen thread

    I add my vote to a listing of commands and variables for use in the EV. I know there is a section in the Wiki, but it is hard to understand at times.
  9. this layout does not control or stop trains, it just signals from both ends of blue track red green signals.mbp
  10. try this a nice long track and at the beginning is a section called enter, with small section before call pre-enter ev says when train enters track (Enter) and train is located on track (Pre-enter) set variable (track section name) = 1 (and) set signal (red green) red next ev is when train exits track (exit section) and train is located on track (Pre-exit) set variable (Track section name) = 0 (and) set signal (red Green) green.
  11. Curt84328

    Wie werden Schlepptender entladen?

    looks like the BR 99 Tender is closed in front, and the BR 99 loco is closed in back. it has a bin mounted on the back of the loco for coal, and the tender has a retractible auger that extends to fill the loco bin. (This from pictures I have seen, but cannot upload.
  12. Curt84328

    Wie werden Schlepptender entladen?

    admittedly these are American Locomotives, but for what it is worth.. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1guaxaDh5jE8sEVkZ2Hgb2iQn7GbJnj4S this tender is open to front. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AHQMBu3sQEZc49mbAy7xfswQi2kfr38q gap between loco and tender is about 4 inches. There is a plate that flips down from loco to tender so that they can shovel coal. this loco is a coal burner and still in operation.
  13. It would help to know exactly how you stop the locomotive, (EV command?) Sound should stop with the locomotive stopping. what switches on again?
  14. Curt84328

    Lokalbahn mit Wende-Dreieck und was daraus wurde :-)

    Lots of layouts use turning triangles. My layout plans have 2 on each main level. here are the closeup plans for one
  15. Curt84328

    Colorado Midlands Railroad final version

    Tiny Bit of the town of Basalt. //