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  1. arnyto

    Modelle von HWB

    hello a another good model @Dad3353, If it's possible can we modify the textur file when it will be in the game, it will be vrey classy and i can create another textur and version. And please don t stop creating the french model
  2. arnyto

    Modelle von HWB

    Ok, if you want i can send him an email to ask him, or you prefer ask him directly? thanks again
  3. arnyto

    Modelle von HWB

    hello @HWB i just want to know if these models on your pictures are free to ply on the game, because i like that thanks a lot
  4. @Dad3353 here you can find some help and keep going!!
  5. @Dad3353 i love this tain I hope your can progress on this beautiful conception!! I can t wait to play with this in the game
  6. @maxwei bravo bravo bravo!!!!!!
  7. hello @HWB can you upload your class223 model on the game? Because i miss it already thanks a lot
  8. Hello @maxwei Your version is better i see that this Traxx got a lot of delivery! I see the captrain and many more Thanks again for your creation! It's not a french model but i like it https://railcolornews.com/wp-content/uploads/Bombardier-TRAXX-DC_Captrain-253-103_Railcolor-News_3032.jpg?w=640
  9. Hello everyo,e and congratulations @maxwei for your new beautiful model!! It s a real pleasure to have the possibility to create some new skin and i have already do i quick test for fun
  10. ok so i have to wait a final version to put in the game? I already miss this train
  11. hello today the modela of city voyager are gone!it s normal?
  12. Hello @David Teide what a beautiful car loading!!!! I'm looking for that wagon for a long time!! Do you want to share with us on the MBS? I will love ad it on my project! thanks again and very good job again!
  13. Hello everyone, today i read that the Regiolis @Dad3353 is now testing on german and french line https://www.alstom.com/sites/alstom.com/files/styles/large_media_cover/public/2021/05/17/TFA%20picture%201.jpg?h=c6980913&itok=I2FGff2j
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