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  1. Hello @Reinhard and thanks for your answer! No problem i understand, when you will be able to do that it will be wonderful!! Have a good day and thanks again
  2. Hello @Reinhard how are you? I have a question, cna you update your model with this skin? It s the new version for this model. The doors are red with the new logo (logos are in the zip file) Thanks again aquitaine.zip
  3. Hello!! What a very good job @BahnLand!! This model is already in the game? I have an idea to customize the textur, i will show you Have a good day
  4. Hello @Papa3353 how are you? you know that i am very exciting to see the working progress of your train so don t hesitate to show us your beautiful work !!
  5. Hello @Dad3353 , for the textur, i mean it will be wonderful if we can di that with your model. You can create as you like and as the speed you like You have work a lot on the Regiolis model and it looks like very nice and complete.! I don't know the method in blender to create some exportable textur file but here there are some professional on blender who can explain that i think! Have a good day
  6. Perfect the most popular version are the white with different doors color (only red, only blue, only grey...). I have one question, i doesn t remember if a already ask you about it, Can we change and upload the texture file, when you have finish the model or only you can do that? Thanks again i am very happy to see that!! And if you like create some french models i have some futur ideas for you
  7. hello @Dad3353 how are you? my files help you? bye
  8. @Dad3353 Hello, i very happy to see in the file that you have work a lot! The end is not far away I m looking some other picture to help you with the different texturs I put some pictures and the regional logo in png. Does it help you? regiolis.zip
  9. thanks @Dad3353 i see the progress of your construction! I just take a look but yes it will be interesting to learn how to change the textur! Bur i see in your model that it snot simple thanks a lot
  10. hello, ok i see. When you will finish i see the link between the square and the model! If it s possible to you, can you send me exemple file, and i test your technic on a model to see the method and understand wich square go tu the model color. In you pdf, i can see the model and i love it!!!!!! Congratulation!! Last thing can you put some dirty effect with you method to create an actual train and not only a fresh new
  11. Hello @Dad3353 ok you will explain to me your textur method i m interesting about it !
  12. @Dad3353 It s wonderfull yet!!!! I love that! If you want some help with the textur i want to help you send me the textur file and i can put the elements on it! thanks
  13. There is a picture where you see the siez and proportionnal dimension
  14. hello @Dad3353 this nice very nice!! J'ai une question visuelle. La structure semble haute par rapport aux bogie non? OU se sont les bogies qui sont trop gros par rapport au chassis? Je vais essayer de chercher des docs la dessus. En tout cas bravo bravo!!!
  15. Ca avance bien je vois !!! super et bon courage pour la suite
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