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  1. @hubert.visschedijk i can wait ... but 2022!!??? What a loooong list Wha son your list i m curious Thanks
  2. Hello everyone and happy new year I looking for this kind of wagon very popular in Europe! @hubert.visschedijk its the same base that the cereal wagon you have create!,?? So if anyone want to ply with this pretty wagon lets go Thanks a lot
  3. hello there is a possibility that you can create a the end a protection like this on the car and on several models to create a new protect model for transportation? Its just a white cover to protect the car! Thanks a lot
  4. +1 for the DB classe 423!!! With the possibility to change the texture file
  5. Hello now we have some new wagon with car i want to know if anyone here can create or put some protection on cars already exist in the game. It will give a modern touch for the train It just some paper or plastic on the car to protect her when it s on the train! thanks a lot to everyone! And in 2021 i will begin to create myself and learn about 3d tools
  6. Hello, i create a lot of texturs for the french corail and now in my train station i miss the pilot car for the french train. I will love to create this but i m better in photoshop for the texturs! @bahnland, the DB version is good too
  7. now i miss this model to create a very good project
  8. hello et congratulations for yours models! I put a french textur on your model to create the french "fourgon" for bikes for exemple.
  9. Hello everyone! I just want to know who create these wagon on the picture and i want to know if it will possible to have it to play in the game Thanks a lot!!
  10. what a beautiful job you have done again!!! If you want some new idea for you, i have the BB75000 in my head for a long time thanks again
  11. Hello everyone, i hope you doing fine! I looking for this kind of wagon very present in the reel life but not in the game! But i think i see it in pictures of members, so it is possible to share it in the game or if anyone want to create it, it would be nice! Thanks again I can find some technical file if you want to help
  12. arnyto

    Modelle von HWB

    hello @HWB how are you? in your recent catalogu i like a lot of models but if i have to take one it will be the class 223 city voyager and i can help you with the textur or crete some new !
  13. arnyto


    Hello everybody! I create some new collection for the french corail! For each one you have a clean and a dirty version and some graffitis on several corail If you like it i can send you the jpg files in a zip! Have a good day
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