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  1. Hello @HWB, Hallo, ich hoffe alles ist gut! Beim Mixer mache ich langsam Fortschritte und frage mich, ob du mir schicken möchtest, welche Güterwagen du bestücken durftest, die ich anprobiere? Thanks a lot
  2. @Dad3353 i just send you an email thanks! And i send a email to the 3d Modelbahn to help me with this little problem of DM
  3. No no i buy the V5, V6 and two weeks ago the V7!!
  4. La magie apparement a un probleme avec moi! Quand je survole votre avatar et votre nom moi je n'ai que cela! bizarre
  5. Perfect i can t just find where i can send you an DM here! Send me one and i answer
  6. alors mon niveau avec Blender est tres faible mais avec les fichiers je peux faire des tests effectivement et voir comment avancer avec toi avec plaisir!! merci et je vais de ce pas installer de nouveau blender!
  7. Ok ok i see that you have done a very good job and yes there will be some little thing to corect bu its already beautiful! For the light in the train in the picture you can see that the windows are quiete dark. For the textur file try to create a texture template and we can see what can be change or not. And can you put some "logo on the different version as region" or like in the picture.
  8. What a good job and i am very that your first model is based on this french model! When i see you video i just have some question? There possible to turn off the light inside the train ? it s seems very shiny? And in the cockpit we can see some light blue. Tell me if i can help you with picture of real model like this for the color textur or other things...
  9. What a great jo you have done!!! I very happy to see that! For the textur we will see and for the variations, i will help tyou if you want but it's for the big part some color change only... Bravo bravo!!
  10. Hello @Dad3353 how are you? What's new in your beautiful french model project?
  11. Hello @HWB i have a question? Is it possible to you when you have convert this model to autorize the custom textur? So i can create more reel models with this. Thanks
  12. helo @Neo @HWB we can imagine some "pack" and we can download with a simple we transfer link. no? or with a google drive with control access for member only!? it s an idée because more i see the beautiful catalog of you herman the more i am jalous
  13. hello @HWB, another question or wish, In your long list of train and free models, do you have this for wood? Full and empty to create some good things thanks a lot
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