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  1. arnyto

    Modelle von HWB

    hello yes you re right. And you don't want to upload in the game?
  2. arnyto

    Neue Beta-Version V6

    your train looks like this one and i love to see it in the game or in my train station! Can you make it possible? Thnaks a lot
  3. arnyto

    Neue Beta-Version V6

    Hello, last thing, if i have the V5 there is a discount to go tu the v6?
  4. arnyto

    Neue Beta-Version V6

    Hello everyone, i have a little question, There are some new train model with the new version?
  5. arnyto

    Neue Beta-Version V6

    Hello @HWB, i have a question! In your picture i see a beautiful white and purple express train! Is it in the game? i love it !!!
  6. arnyto

    Modelle von David Teide

    hello what a nice model!! Can you upload in the game? because i love to see in the game!!! Beautiful work!!!!
  7. arnyto


    Hello to all, the end lanterns of convoys are above all there to materialize the end of a train and thus show that no wagon is detached, Without this we will not know immediately if a wagon is not alone detached on the rails
  8. arnyto


    yes i see that but they looks old no?
  9. arnyto


    hello to all I would like to know if it would be possible to create an end of convoys lantern to make the trains even more realistic! Thanks to all
  10. arnyto

    Zeitplan V6

    Youpi the V6! If i read good on the v6 we can change the texture of all the models of the game? Thnaks for the good job and i will be happy to see that new version
  11. arnyto

    Maxwei's Modellbau-Werkstatt

    But the big question is..... When will arrive the V6!!!?
  12. arnyto

    Regional train

    Hello everyone, i m looking for a new modern inter regional train! I can help and give some images and stuffs. What do you think about it? There are some already in the game, but we can t change the texture, so i can give it a new version! Thanks and have a good week end
  13. arnyto


    @top rrrroller Das ist ein toller Eisenbahnwagen!!Ich mag es, auf meinem Netz Gleisarbeiten zu machen, es wird perfekt sein:) Sie haben eine Menge neue Flachwagen! werden sie im Spiel verfügbar sein?Bravo hat Sie
  14. arnyto


    Bonjour superbe ce wagon porte rail!!! Moi qui aime faire des travaux de voie sur mon reseau il sera parfait VOus avez beaucoup de wagon plats inédit et seront ils dispo dans le jeu?
  15. arnyto

    Modelle von David Teide

    bonjour, sera t il possible d'avoir ce complexe cerealier dans le jeu? bravo il est superbe!!!