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  1. Hi guys Thanks for all the help from all of you ... I found the way .... works PERFECT now. Thanks Regards Raf
  2. You are right, in real life the doors close before leaving. In 3DTS the train leaves when the signal turns green, and speed is set by the settings of the signal, "accelerate to". I think all i can do is leave the doors open for some time, then close them, and then let the train wait with closed doors until the signal turns green. Anyway, thanks a lot for all your help. Regards
  3. Hi Goetz Sorry to disturb you again I tried your layout and works fine. Then i tried this on my layout with nearly 30 trains and it works wonderful. Whatever train that stops at a signal the doors open.... however... The doors don't close when th train leaves, and the reason is that I am using automated routes, the trains stop at a signal and stand therewaiting until the signal is turned green by the automated routes. This means that the command "For all vehicles on a track/contact" does not work because I cannot not use a trigger there. If a put this command
  4. Sorry ... i thought it was a sort of text file of the commands in your layout. I saw your layout.... still have to search out how it all works, but I will find it. Thanks a lot for this. Regards
  5. Can u send this as pdf file pls? I tried at work to open this file but cannot open it with any program. Thx
  6. Hi Im at work till 2pm. I will look when at home. Do i load that example in 3DTS?
  7. Hi Goetz Thanks for the effort, but thats what im doing now. I check if for instance Loco1 hits a track contact and then open and close its according doors. But i have a layout with over 30 trains (all self created belgian trains with ketchup) and i have to do that for every train hitting that rail contact. This means a lot of commands. What i want is that with one command it works for all trains using keywords to execute their according opening and closing procedures. Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi Who can help me with either commands or LUA script I have two trains running "Loc1" and "Loc2", and each train has two keywords: LOC1 = keyword "Module1" which refers to an user-defined event called "Loc1OpenDoors" second keyword "Module2" which refers to an user-defined event called "Loc1CloseDoors" LOC1 = keyword "Module1" which refers to an user-defined event called "Loc2OpenDoors" second keyword "Module2" which refers to an user-defined event called "Loc2CloseDoors" Now I wa
  9. Thanks Bahnland for al the help for making my own signals with animation. I made: - a platform clock - platform number selectable options from platform 1 to 15 - station name board - anouncement board of all the trains leaving - anouncement board of train leaving on specific platform, selectable options between 18 possibilitis - belgian signal - speed annoucement signals, selectable speed varies from 10 to 140 km/h all signals are able to move forward-backward, left-right, up-down
  10. Ok Bahnland Thanks for the fast reaction. Regards Raf
  11. Hi Bahnland I knew about that setting, that is set at the highest level and I see the glow on signals that are within 3DTS and the one you made See the picture where in the middle is the signal from 3DTS "Ks main signal", on the right the example from you, and on the left is the signal I made. Why not on my selfmade signal? Regards Raf
  12. Hi Bahnland I was able to make already 7 different belgian signals. The only question I have for you is that in the explanation you sent me in figure "Bild / Figure 05: Signalbegriffe im 3D-Modelleditor / signal indications in the 3D model setup" the lights seem to have a glowing effect, how do you do that? Thanks. Regards Raf Picture of my signals
  13. Bedankt Herman Dit helpt me nog een stuk verder Groetjes
  14. Hi Bahnland EUREKA !!!!!!! I was able with YOUR help to make my belgian signal. See the picture. See all the different states its in. Thousand times thanks. Regards Raf
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