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  1. 04C9C917-E91E-415F-A529-36DA4D642D4E Published - sorry George
  2. I think this is worth a look. Thanks to all your help. 04C9C917-E91E-415F-A529-36DA4D642D4E George
  3. I may have solved it by accident:- layout:enumVehicles(function (vehicle) if vehicle:hasEngine() then if vehicle.name == $("Events").variables["HeldName"] then vehicle.targetSpeedAbs = 99 end end end ) ** Where HeldName = the Name of the vehicle I wish to speed up.
  4. P.S. I am happy to change the speed of all trains with a keyword if it is easier than using the name.
  5. Two interesting discussions here. 1) Real life and 2) some code to make it happen. A train approach a yellow (in the UK) indicated a red is next. When the section ahead (beyond the red) is clear, because of routes, the red can go directly to green because of an advance route ahead being now totally clear. ON THE OTHER FROME - I do need help (please) Train name held in a module variable CURRENTTRAIN = London I wish to code, on the change of a variable (GONEGREEN) that all trains called LONDON (there is only one) to set a speed of, say, 90. How? George
  6. In the UK, if a driver sees a signal ahead of him change in his favour, then he will speed up to his line speed. Thanks for all your help and comments. I have been (or still am) on many forums but none better than this for great accurate support and fast also. Thank you all. George
  7. If a vehicle passes a caution (yellow) signal then the speed is set to, say, 40 because the next signal is red. If the vehicle is within view of the red signal and it changes - how can I monitor this and speed up the approaching train? George
  8. So, as a vehicle leaves a track (last element) in a defined direction, the speed will be set. There is a "heading towards" option but I can not work out what the exact rules are for this event. George
  9. Thank you (and Kurt). I forgot an important element - I need it to only function in one direction. Apologies. George
  10. As a unit leaves a track I wish to set the vehicle speed to 95 How do I do this?
  11. Is there a guide to Event Management available in English ? George
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