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  1. Danke Neo ! Also: egal was im Forum geschrieben wird, Namen oder ID; notiren und mit und mit abfragen bzw unter NEU nacchsehen ! Sind tolle Modelle !
  2. @neo Wie kommt man an diese Haeuser oder die 'Markise' ? Die Suchfunktion muesste erheblich verbessert werden : Unterverzeichnisse, Asterix, Fragezeichen !
  3. The 'BLACK RHINOCEROS' ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYmvxWFTkJQ
  4. Kleiner Mann auf grosser Reise [DB-Werbeamt 1951] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKXKnPbUx4U
  5. You're soooo old ? Ich spend my next 58 years to my 120th !
  6. @Dad3353 In real live I never had enough money to buy a Harley ! I exspect it too ! And then my Zuendapp and GOLDWING ! laugh - in the next decade !
  7. @Dad3353 'Till my duty-motorcycle-accident 1993 on BMW80RS (police) I privat drove as #14 a GOLDWING1200 and #15 last a red Kawa1500. Now I'm 60%-accident-handicapped-devorced-preretired walking commissar and TV-train-fan ! My first motorcycle was a 50ccm-Zuendapp CS from my grandpa in 1975 with me and my sister at the first drive at my 15th birthday ! In 1987-08-15 I -27 and 3months- married a motorcycle girlfriend on my SILVER WING at her 32nd birthday ! She and our 2 childs are still my best and only friends ! Here my 'greatest' 1500 KAWASAKI-VULCAN in 1992 at ins
  8. @Dad3353 Look at 65CB6D10-DF49-4218-9289-8F0C122FA67F
  9. Many thanks, Douglas, for this pretty motorcycle !
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