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Colorado Midlands


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die Beschreibung des Layout ist in Englisch, sorry, zu hart, um manuell übersetzen. Ich füge eine Zip mit dem Layout zu diesem Eintrag


Here it is, the central module of my Colorado Midlands Layout.

Under the bottom layer, there are 4 trains hidden in storage.  Behind the mountain is a switchblock that controls the switches below the upper track. 

Below Default Layer (Train Storage)


SW1    0  track 1        1  track 2

SW2    0  track 3         1 Track 4

SW3    0 track 3/4       1  track 1/2

The hidden yard has be eliminated, and simplified.  Switches for this level are marked HYS.  Destinations are indicated for each position.  

FPR is Frying Pan River (Marked as such on upper level)  Outer is the outer track from by the mountain/   Inner is the inner track from same.

Water is the exit close to the water tower.  Snow Mass is the Mountain 

Default Layer

HYS1    0  outer to HYS8  1 inner to FPR exit

2 outer to FPR Exit   3  Inner to HYS8


HYS3  Water to loop and diag 1  water to Sellar

HYS7   0  to HYS1          1  to HYSA

HYS8     0 Loopback or Water  1   loopback, storage, water



HYS9   0  Storage and loopback  1  Watertower

HYSA  from watertower to 0 diagnal   1 loopback to HYS7

HYSC  Water to Snow Mass   water to HYS1

HYSD  0 to storage  1  to  Loopback  HYS8


upper level

AT1   0 to snowmass  1 reverse


switches on the upper level are still manual at this point.  Still need some landscaping, but wanted to share/  there are 2 locomotives in the sheds.   try sending a locomotive to the turntablePartial.jpg


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