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Ghost Riders?


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I've noticed the game has a couple of horses with what appear to be western pleasure saddles.  Unfortunately, there is no one to ride these horses. I've tried every person in a seated position, but they all get at least part of, if not most, of their lower legs cut off when placed on a horse.


Any chance of getting a few men and women in a position to place them on the horses?  Since the saddles are western pleasure, jeans, cowboy boots and western shirts would be nice, and even a cowboy hat or two.  Of course, I wouldn't complain to see some horses in some action positions (such as jumping a rail or running) with English saddles and some riders with English riding gear also since I'm working on due ranch and an equestrian center for one of the layouts I'm building.

There's also a very nice carriage available, but no one dressed appropriately to drive it.

The English equipment and a properly attired driver for the carriage may be too much to ask for, but it would be nice to have a choice of riders for the existing horses.



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Hello badattitude,
People must be drawn up unfortunately a bit difficult. but I am sure that is one of our specialists will draw Modelbau your request into consideration. Something, however, can ever take several weeks to complete.
Hope you have a desire for riders and coachmen as soon as possible satisfied because I have also been thinking about a similar request.

Good luck and best regards from Germany

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Hello badattitude77,
the people in the online catalog have been, to my knowledge, all with an external 3D drawing program such as Google Sketch Up manufactured. In order to be able to adjust to the MBS, they must be in certain formats, and the modeler can, for copyright reasons, use only own model templates. Therefore, almost all human models have emerged in the catalog of one or two master models. This makes the construction of new models not just simple. I had two children sometimes desired designs that look should similar to my daughter and my nephew. When creating the models but then had some compromises to the two figures can manufacture. For these reasons, there are also hardly modelers build the characters.



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