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Add Catalog Model as an object property and make it editable.

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Rather than putting the catalog name in as the object name, add it as built in variable.
Make the name more generic, e.g. Track_(N) or Engine_(N) etc. where N is the next available unused number.

Two reasons for this.

1 . It would be nice after you change the object's name to something else, to be able to tell exactly which catalog model it came from so you can find it and use it elsewhere. This is especially true of track sections which all look the same to me ;)

2. Doing so would give you the opportunity to add a button to allow us to CHANGE the catalog model of the object without having to rip it up and add a new model. The latter sounds trivial UNLESS you have 50 variables attached to the object. Since there is no way to copy variables from object to object, rip-up-and-replace can be a horrible chore....


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