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User_Defined States For Signals Switches Etc.


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It might be that I am missing something, but.....

The event handler allows you to enter User-Defined names / variable chains to specify most objects. However, the setting of points. signals, controllers etc only give you the choice of a fixed list of values..... This is problematic if you want to set the state based on a variable value. You can get the current state using the _Sate property, but that appears to be read only.

I am trying to set a collection of track switches to an appropriate state based on a predefined route through them. As a work around, I have had to set up 4 variables per switch per route, Set_0,Set_1,Set_2, Set_3.. and have four separate event handlers to do all of each type for each switch. That ends up being a lot of duplicated code and variable definitions to set up and maintain.

I realize the EV is old and needs a lot of work, but little changes like this can make a big difference to usability.

Sorry if I am starting to be a pain...

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