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Editing Tool Additions - Enhanced Group Functions


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OK we can create groups which is great and even attach variables to them which is also great.

However, if you need to change the grouping you need to ungroup, select what you want in the new group, and then make a new group.
All the variables you had attached to the initial group are of course lost.

As such it would be nice if we could add and remove things from an existing group.

Attached is the Visio menu for doing just that.

The way they do it: If u click on a group, it selects en-mass just at you do. If you then click on an item(s) inside the group, those select instead with a slightly different hi-light. The "Remove From Group" menu item is enabled at that point. Clicking it removes the item(s) from the group.

If u select a group AND an item(s) outside the group, the "Add to Group" menu choice is activated.
Clicking it adds the selected items to the group selected.



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