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Missing Plug-In Commands and Events


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I'm sure there are lots but the following would be EXTREMELY helpful.

1. EVENT Terminated Stream--- AKA "Sayonara": Would be nice to gracefully shut down the plug-in when the MBS application quits.

2. EVENT Simulation State Changed : An indication that the user paused the simulation, and or changed the simulation rate.

3. Coupled State (Augmentation) : For a particular rolling stock, getting coupled state should include front coupled to rolling stock "A" and rear coupled to rolling stock "B"

4: Train Stock : For a selected engine, return a list of the rolling stock attached AND the total length of the train in mm or whatever is set.

5: Synch Wait and Synch Commands : A command to tell the simulator to wait for regular synch commands from the plug in, with an associated synch command. The idea being the  simulation would auto-pause if the next synch command did not arrive within the a time window, and auto-continue at whatever rate it was running when the next one arrived . Time of the window could possibly be set by a Synch Wait command parameter. For simulation plug-ins that would help keep things In tune, especially when windows unexpectedly decides to go do some high CPU chore, and would really help during debugging sessions when you hit a break point.

6. It would ALSO be REALLY nice to be able to set Acceleration and Braking rates as well as just speed target or absolute.

7: And as I mentioned to Neo before, A command to switch modes to use object IDs instead of Names. 

8. Oh one more... MARK AS CHANGED...  You can make a lot of design changes through a plug-in that never get saved because the user does not get warned to save them when they close the layout. It might also help if this command also added a state to the undo buffer. (The latter also raises the possible need for an UNDO performed event.)

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Note the synch one could be as described, i.e. plug-in driven, OR it could be implemented from the MBS end, i.e. have the Synch wait command cause the simulator to regularly send an event that needs to be responded to using the synch command within a time window or the same soft pause will occur. Both methods work, whichever is easier to implement. The current one sided control method is dangerously lacking.

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