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Command control feature requests


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Please change commands 50, and 51 to use values 0 = stop, 1 = normal, 2= x2 and 4 = x4 simulation rates instead of current Boolean value.
and add a new event..
Simulation_State_Changed returning state levels mentioned above.

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  • 4 weeks later...

We really need events that occur when carriages connect and disconnect from each other.... something like

<event_code>;<State 0=Uncoupled,1=Coupled>;<Rolling-stock_ID_1><Rolling-Stock_ID_2>

Also need coupling state query command like this,,,

<Get Rolling Stock Connections command code><Rolling_Stock_ID>
<response_OK>;<front coupling connected to Rolling_Stock_ID or Null>;<rear coupling connected to Rolling_Stock_ID or Null>

<Get Train Stock command code>;<Rolling_Stock_ID>
<response_OK>;<Front Rolling-Stock ID>;<Next Rolling-Stock ID>;.................;<Last Rolling-Stock_ID>

It would also be helpful to have....

<Get Front of Train XYZ Coordinates> and <Get Rear of Train Coordinates>


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154 Fetch current animation position...  

String - Name of the object
string (optional) - Name of the animation. If not specified, all animations are returned.

string - Name of the animation. .
Floating Point -  position of the animation between 0 (zero) and 1 (end)
x Number of animations if name not requested in command.


Perhaps return -1 if the animation is moving instead of a position too..

(trying to control a swing bridge.. cant tell if its open or closed.... :( )

Edited by trevor
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