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creating models

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 First, you can check whether the model in the 3D TS can be loaded...

"Edit" -> "Paste from" -> "File"
... the modell will be loaded in 3D TS at position x=50 ; y=-50 ; z=0
Note: The model is only loaded as a model... if it is a track vecicle it can not be used as a track vehicle (....it is a general model)

If you want to try a track vehicle you have to put it in the catalog...
"Catalog" -> "3D modells" -> "New" -> "Track vehicle"...

... "Settings" -> "Model" -> your model ->"Next"

... "Catalog Settings" -> "Category" -> "Extra" -> "Test" -> "Private"...

... in the catalog...

... you can find you model and try if its works correctly as a track vehicle...

Note: The Model must be in .x format and its texture(s) must have a size of 2^x (i.e. 1024 x 1024 ; 512 x 256 ...)


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