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Curved points of any radius


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Hello Members

If, like me, you enjoy editing a track to produce your own points you may be interested in the following. This allows you to produce curved points with the radius of your choice and track separation of your choice. The points have only two switch positions and so can be “toggled”.


1. Choose the value of your inner radius (R2). e.g.  R2 = 500mm

2. Choose the distance between parallel tracks (D) e.g. D = 60mm

3. Calculate the value of the outer radius (R3) using R3 = R2 + D e.g. R3 = 500 + 60 = 560mm

4. Calculate the value of the blue curve (R1) using R1  = 2 x R2 - R3 e.g. R1 = 2 x 500 - 560 = 440mm

5. Calculate the length of the yellow straight track (L) using L = 3(R3 - R2) e.g. L = 1.732 x (560 - 500) = 103.92mm

6. Set up the 3 routes as follows:


7. Set up the 2 switches as follows:


(For simplicity I have shown an example of a left 60 degree curved points in HO gauge)

Here is layout containing the example above (Curved Left) and a mirror image  (Curved Right)

Curved Points.mbp

Viele Grüße





Edited by Eric Danvers
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