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  1. Hello Martin I tried .(dot) CTRL+space but not :(colon) CTRL+space. I won't make that mistake again! Best wishes Eric
  2. Thank you HaNNoveraNer I had a memory of "hasEngine" but I was trying vehicle.hasEngine. Once again: thanks for your quick reply. Best wishes Eric
  3. Hello Members Please can someone help me with the following. I am trying to build a table containing all the Locomotives in the layout. I cannot find the Lua code corresponding to "the vehicle has an engine" in the following: function GetAllLocos() local tt = {} g = layout:enumVehicles( function ( vehicle ) if "the vehicle has an engine" then table.insert(tt,vehicle) end end ) return tt end I have searched the forum for quite a long time before making this request. I hope some kind person will tell me the solution. Thank you Eric ---------------------------------------- Google translation: Bitte kann mir jemand bei folgendem helfen. Ich versuche eine Tabelle mit allen Lokomotiven zu erstellen im Layout. Ich kann den entsprechenden Lua-Code nicht finden "Das Fahrzeug hat einen Motor" im Folgenden: <Lua function> Ich habe das Forum ziemlich lange durchsucht, bevor ich es gemacht habe diese Anfrage. Ich hoffe, eine freundliche Person wird mir die Lösung sagen. Vielen Dank Eric
  4. EricD

    Signale und Geschwindigkeit

    Hello HaNNoveraNer (Please excuse English - regrettably, I do not speak German) I use the following method to bring a train to a smooth halt. (The function GetDeceleration is set up for HO gauge.) Event One: --[[ EVENT NAME: ContactBrakeIn A track contact with keyword 'Brake' is triggered upon entering --]] -- ================================== function GetDeceleration(Loco, Distance) local k = Loco.currentSpeed return 0.443451 * k * k / Distance end -- ================================== if contact.variables['Signal'].state == RED then local Distance = contact.variables['Distance'] vehicle.deceleration = GetDeceleration(vehicle, Distance) vehicle.targetSpeed = 5 end -- Event Two: --[[ EVENT NAME: ContactExitIn A track contact with keyword 'Exit' is triggered upon entering This is the complete stop which replaces the need for Lock-Tracks --]] if contact.variables['Signal'].state == RED then vehicle.currentSpeed = 0 end "Distance" is the distance from the BrakeIn contact to the ContactExitIn contact. The BrakeIn decelerates the vehicle to 5kph. It then moves at 5kph until the ContactExitIn which stops it. I hope this will help you. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Best wishes Eric
  5. EricD

    Twisted track

    Hi Bahnland Thank you. Once again I am in your debt! Cheers Eric
  6. EricD

    Twisted track

    Hi Tom You said "Here I find it easier to use a scaled down (0.1) loco ... for spreading the tracks out" I am intrigued! I cannot scale a loco. When on the track the loco will not scale. When off the track it will scale to 0.1, but as soon as I put it on the track it re-scales itself to 1 Cheers Eric
  7. EricD

    Twisted track

    Hi Bahnland 1. Using the track editor to produce a curved slope is much easier than joining together small pieces of curved track with many different angles. Also the resulting 'cockpit' view is more pleasing. 2. You are absolutely right about the switches - they are totally unnecessary. Thank you for pointing that out. Many greetings Eric Twisted tracks without switches.mbp
  8. EricD

    Twisted track

    If you have a slope which is curved the end of the slope may not be level. You can use a "twisted" track to correct this. You can make a "twisted" track using the track editor: Stage 1: Create six routes as follows Stage 2: Create two switch positions. Switch 0 actives Routes 0,1,2,3,4,5,6. Switch 1 also activates Routes 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 PLEASE NOTE: Edit: Bahnland has kindly told me that stage 2 in NOT NEEDED - so please ignore it! (I am grateful to Goetz for this idea - I learnt this from studying one of his Points designs) That's all you need to do. I know that you could achieve the same by using a group of 7 tracks but I think this is a neater method.Twisted tracks.mbp Best wishes to all Eric
  9. EricD

    neue Weichen für den 1:1 Maßstab

    These look much more realistic - like the rail tracks you see on Google Earth. And a clever idea to combine multiple splines into a route. Very pleasing.
  10. EricD

    Disappearing Signals

    Hi Andy I didn't realise that unless my signal is in the catalogue it will not appear. I thought it was contained inside the .mbp file. My signal is functional but not pretty - it does not compare well to the quality of the German signals in the catalogue. When I produce a better looking version I will upload it. Cheers Eric P.S. My original title "Disappearing Signals" has proved to be true in this mbp file!
  11. EricD

    Disappearing Signals

    Here is the "cube mark 2" produced using Blender. It is a very simple model but it behaves correctly as a signal. Simple British Signal.mbpSimple British Signal.mbp
  12. EricD

    Disappearing Signals

    "From tiny acorns great oak trees grow"
  13. EricD

    Disappearing Signals

    Thank you very much, Andy. I'm now keen to become proficient with Blender. But it's a steep learning curve! UPDATE: Fantastic! Success! I now have a working "cube" which behaves as a signal and can be seen in cockpit view from over 1000mm. Once again, thank you very, very much - this is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.
  14. EricD

    Disappearing Signals

    Hi Andy Thank you for your suggestion. I have spent all day (I'm retired!) reading the forum about Blender 2.8. I'm going to have a go tomorrow. However, I am still not clear how to 1. Create an object that will behave like a digital switch 2. Create an object with a contact point. I've read the Wiki "Model making>functional models, control objects" "(Modellbau>Funktionmodelle>Signale, Steuerobjekte)" but I don't understand how this relates to Blender. Could you point me in the right direction? - I'm not asking you to do the work for me! Thank you Eric
  15. EricD

    Disappearing Signals

    Hi Metallix I don't want to ask someone else to do the work for me. Ideally,I would like to go for option C) build my own signals using model-making software but I haven't got any idea how to start! I've downloaded Blender but I cannot think how to start building a signal Cheers Eric