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ME 08 Block Signal Generic


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ME 08 Block Signal Generic is found in the catalog
As you can see it is contributed
by Roter Brummer and the script is from Goetz.



The signal has a variable, type table, you can set another speed as value in the second entry. (now 80)
The 0 and 1 in the name will later in the code correspond with the state of the Signal. Do not change them.


A suggestion is to make it “all purpose” so it can handle trains with negative speed, and even vehicles pushing their wagons.

Neo worked out a solution, it is for a signle signal named “Form signal1”


With a little change in the script we can make it generic. I kept the original code but set it not activ.

One can say : another generic signal, but I, and maybe other members can benefit from studying this approach.

Regards, Herman

A tested version of the generic signal is included, also an oval with signals to test it.



ME 08 TEST.mbp ME 08 Block Signal generic V6 v01a.mbp

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Just a positive remark.
The solution for finding a pushing vehicle works also if you use front-tail locomotives.
Both vehicles are detected. And both vehicles their speed is reset after the signal changes to green.
Signal green situation :


Train situation :


But that’s nice, it works fine. The whole train resumes with a 80km/u speed as we wanted.

Special thanks to Roter Brummer and Goetz.


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Hello members,

Another remark.
I made a signal (*) based on this technique and found that it not such a good idea that a train has two vehicles with a speed. ( even if they can drive in V6 )
And some people ( I too ) use sometimes two locs in a train, one with a speed, the other with speed 0. 
Suggestion : break the second loop if  a vehicle with an engine is found. So only one vehicle will take the speed, the other stays 0.

    for i, Iter in ipairs(t) do
      local v = Iter
      if v:hasEngine() then
        v.engine.active = true
        v.targetSpeedAbs = signal.variables["Geschwindigkeiten"][state]

Kind regards, Herman

(*) attached

Test SignalG.mbp

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I published last days a duo signals called signalG and signalV in the catalog. I just removed them.

They were based on the above topic.

But there is a serious error in it. So do not use those signals if you should have downloaded them. They do not work properly. (*)

Sincere apologies,

Herman (BE)

(*) When one opens the signal manually, and there is no train before the error occured.

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TB08 SignalG V6 v05.mbp


The error is fixed. (*) But I'm not going to publish them again in the catalog.
Should anyone have some interest, it can be downloaded here. 

Kind regards, 

* The error was not so bad as I thought.  It caused a script error, with no further consequenses for the event.
That's the reason I discovered it only when use the analyse. Otherwise I would never had  found it.


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