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  1. Hello, I noticed in V7 beta that when trains invoke to activate or release a route the * appears to warn that the layout should best be saved. Even if there are no other modifications. Not my favorite. Is it gone to stay like that in V7 ? Kind regards, Herman
  2. Hello @Neo, thanks for the new release. ( the km/h in the depots is solved in the english version , there are still minor words in German in the english version ex : taste 0 geschlossen, but only to mention, it is not important at the moment ). Hello fellow members. A question, V7 is updated today, here on a computer that's gone to dissapear next days and make place for a new one. But on the official site I can only download the most recent V6, not V7 betha. How should I proceed on the new computer ? ( and the .exe from the last release is not in my download map, I did saved the first V7
  3. Hello @michellombart, Do you have the english version of V7 as I do ? Glad it's not only here. Thank you Michel for your reaction. Kind regards, Herman
  4. Hello, Indeed ! It is strange that it seems to be only at my home ? It was ok before the patch of yesterday. Should I reinstall V7 ? Regards, Herman
  5. Hello, even with a resize to the full 17", they are not visible. Are they still visible with our fellow readers ? Kind regards, Herman
  6. Hello fellow readers, Thank you Götz for the shorter version. With you ( video ) and with me ( before yesterday) the speed of the vehicles could be seen in the depots. Since today it is no longer there. Personal remark : it is not necessary here.
  7. Hello, It it possible the server of my provider goes strange, sorry, I hope it has nothing to do with V7, but because it occured immediate after the update ... Greetings, Herman, and sorry ...
  8. @Neo Server problems there ? Even the forum ... ? Regards, Herman
  9. @Neo Before when I wanted to take something from the catalog, V7 gets very, but very slow, does not give me the object, and then killed itself. I had it several times but then V7 did not start anymore. .... Now it starts again and it seems in order ? Kind regards, Herman
  10. Hello @Neo, Problems ? There came an update for V7, and I just installed it. But V7 freeze and does not want to start properly. I will try again ... Grtz, Herman
  11. Hallo @Goetz, Hallo, ich habe gerade die erste Stunde davon gesehen. Vielen Dank ! Um es mit Ihren Worten zu sagen: MBS macht viel Spaß. Und man lernt jeden Tag etwas Neues. Grüße. Herman
  12. Hello @Goetz. I saw today your video on Youtube "Fahrstraen", it is amazing what can be done without the EV in the"schattenbahnhof". Thanks for this video ! I just managed to reconstruct it, but now with a little EV it's a "perpetuum mobile". The vehicles keep driving. Nice. So this one here, very happy ! We go on with V7 ... but still much to learn and experiment especially with the routes. Kind regards to all, Herman
  13. For those who are interested. I tested with a several wagons in a train, each wagon has labels on it ( so a crane can put a container on that height ). The containers are linked to the labels, the labels are linked to the wagon. I even put some persons on the container and linked them to the container. All disappear and appear as they should in a depot. Nice ! Greetings, Herman
  14. See also the answer of @Neo before. Thanks ! Kind regards, Herman
  15. Hello, the same happens when you only reposition a signal even slightly on the same track ( signal involved in a route ). Seems logical. So I like BahnLand's proposal. Can we edit such a damaged route in the future? Greetings to all, Herman.
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