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  1. You're so very right Eric I took semi retirement back in 2006 and have never really stopped since. MBS is, however, a really good distraction from much of every day life. I find that I spend anything up to 5, 6 hours each day/evening simply creating a layout that would be impossible to do so in reality. Like you when I started I found everything so strange. I read through the manual and experimented to learn how to create scenery, alter track and roads, place objects and if necessary adjust their sizes before getting into Event Management (EM) in order to program the automatic movement of
  2. Hi Eric I too am of a similar age to you. I found 3D Train Studio in early 2019, it was version 4 then, and I've been hooked ever since. My layouts too are a bit on the large size but my computer seems to cope although there were times when, with version 5 the frames per second began to nudge into the low 30's but version 6 seems to have improved this no end. Like you too I had many questions, which looking back were pretty daft as many of the answers were so simple once they were pointed out to you. I've had and am still getting invaluable help from fellow members who constantly poi
  3. Hi Hubert You are absolutely right there. The delete button and copy and paste are far less harmful than a hammer, nails and glue. As with most things to do with computers though you need at least half a brain and sometimes I think mine's gone into hibernation!!! Kind regards Pete Hi Hubert Sie sind genau richtig. Die Löschtaste und Kopieren und Einfügen sind weit weniger schädlich als ein Hammer, Nägel und Kleber. Wie bei den meisten Dingen, die mit Computern zu tun haben, obwohl du mindestens ein halbes Gehirn brauchst und manchmal denke ich, dass ich in den Wintersc
  4. Hi Hubert Thanks for the nice comment. It is still very much a work in progress with considerable improvement needed in many areas, but then that's what this hobby is all about, you start simple, you have an idea and then you start to change it as you gain greater knowledge. I must admit that I have received a lot of help and guidance from Tom (Metallix) he has so far kept me on a reasonably straight path although I do tend to stray at times!!!!! In the past I have never really got involved with forums, tending to keep myself very much to myself but I must admit that with this partic
  5. Hi Neo I hope the following info will help. I have three main layouts on the go. Fairmont - 2599 kb as mbp ( my first, started in V4 then moved to V5. Nothing much done on it for 9 months as fps too slow) the second is Belfort- 1904 kb (this one I am currently working on the most) fps not too bad seems better with V6 than in V5, the third is Portland - 1370 kb (very much at the early stages). In V5 I have run all three layouts with the delay times after selecting an item of Fairmont 3 secs, Belfort 2 secs and Portland 1 sec. In V6 from the example screen shot that I sent y
  6. Hi Neo Yes I'll see what I can do. I have to go out for about 2 hours so will have a look when I get back and let you know. Kind regards Pete
  7. Hi Neo I have attached a screenshot which I hope explains. When I select target in order to choose the correct item it now seems to take much longer to select it than it did before, either that or I have got much more inpatient. Either way now I seem to have time for a sip of coffee and a bit of biscuit whereas before I struggled to get the sip of coffee!! Kind regards Pete
  8. Hi Neo Brilliant. That will be a lot quicker than my solution so many thanks for that and for the explanation. Is there a similar simple solution to the delay in selecting items from my database when working with EV. I have only just started to do additional work in this area setting up crane operations and noted that when selecting items it can take much longer for them to be selected than before. Is this down to the size of the data I have amassed? my layouts are not exactly small!! Kind regards Peter
  9. Hi Goetz Thanks for that. I've just tried it but because the latest version is V6 it won't let me open it in V5 and the only V5 version I have of this particular layout is back in July. That one I can load in V5. Clearly my backup process needs to be improved. What I should have done is keep the most recent V5 backup before converting to V6. We live and learn!!! I've already started to touch up my V6 layout, whilst making some improvements to my EV. By the time V7 comes out I might have sorted and got to grips with V6. Cheers Pete
  10. Sorry about that. The only backup copy I have that will run in V5 is one from the 01/07/20, one that you kindly repaired for me. All others have already been converted to V6. Having looked at the attached copy from July I can see areas where the baseboard has not had the same degree of finished texture as in other areas but overall the effect is not as obvious as now. It's as though the depth of texture has blurred. I am also finding when working in EV that it is taking much longer to select items from the data list with V6 Kind regards Pete Belfort V5 for Neo dated 01_
  11. Hi Neo I have attached a copy of the backup of V5 taken on the 15th October and the latest one which is V6. I don't seem able to open the V5 version as V5 it simply wants to convert to V6 so I cannot see myself the difference between the two versions. I just know that before V6 the base scenery was more normal. Pete Belfort.mbp Belfort.mbp
  12. Hi Neo I have attached 3 screenshots, I've removed all of the trees and shrubs to give a clearer view, which I hope will give you an idea of my issue. Putting it right is not really a problem, just a bit time consuming although everything that I do at the moment seems to be a work in progress and is therefore constantly being changed. I view it as part of the learning curve but to understand why things happens is perhaps more than half of the battle. I await your views and recommendation. Kind regards Pete
  13. Hi everyone Since upgrading to V6 I have noticed that quite a large amount of my base scenery seems to have developed what I can only describe as cloud or misty blotches. This can be rectified by "repainting" but it is going to take several hours to put right. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me. Cheers Pete
  14. Thanks for that Neo. Nice to know all is well with the program. I've not had too much time to get to grips with much that is new but I have certainly noticed how much smoother movement around the layout is. I had added some road sections to a trest layout that I am working on so attach this so you can see the problem although I think Metallix might just have given me the answer. He also very kindly pointed me in the right direction for sorting out a crane operation/cargo loading and unloading although I still haven't got the "magic" right to send all the cargo back to their respective start p
  15. This question sounds really stupid but having spent a couple of hours trying to solve it and getting nowhere I decided to seek help. On previous layouts I have had no problem with roads. I start off with a straight and then edit it to create curves etc. So, if I now take a section of "street" edit its length to say 500mm then add a curve of 150mm x 180 degrees I find that route '0' has changed but routes 1 and two have not. I can change them manually but can only guess at the length required. If I apply the same length as for '0' then the vehicle will not stay on the track. I have looked
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