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  1. 220hotwheels

    File size

    Hi Tom How right you are on both counts. I've already made a start having now sorted the turntable/engine shed area so I think I have got the hang of what needs to be done. Already my file size has come down. albeit by only a small amount but by the time I have sorted all of the track and roads I might well be at an acceptable and more workable level again. I must admit I hadn't realised you could edit and add track as you have shown so many thanks again for that. My plan is to complete a circular track at a time starting with what I deem to be track 1. As I complete each one I will rename every section with an abbreviated reference but one that is pertinent to that particular track so track 1 will get the abbreviation AT1-01 etc, track 2 will be BT2-01. Points and crossing will become AT1-P01 and level crossings AT1-LC01. So here goes my spare time for the next few weeks is now allocated and I look forward to the challenge. Cheers Pete
  2. 220hotwheels

    File size

    Hi Tom or should that be Yoda!! I am pleased that I have got the layers thing right, now I'll have to get to grips with the track aspect. I've briefly looked over your recommendations which certainly make a lot of sense, albeit it will take me a bit of time to digest it fully and get into the rhythm of changes but it is brilliant to be given the starting point. If I may i'll let you know how I get on. Cheers Pete
  3. 220hotwheels

    File size

    Hi Tom I hope it's just a case of my description has not been too clear regarding my efforts re: layers so I have taken the liberty to attach the latest efforts, albeit it I still have some work to do sorting some things out and improving on some of my latest scenery attempts. I hope I have got the layers thing right but if not then I am sure you will put me straight!!!! Thanks once again for your invaluable tuition. Cheers Pete Fairmont V5.mbp
  4. 220hotwheels

    File size

    Hi Tom You amaze me. Is there anything you don't know? I have already gone through and followed your advice regarding the water, roads and layers but have been reluctant to do the same with the rail tracks until I had a better understanding of variables. I have tried, in vain I might add, to emulate the example that you gave me but each time I have been unable to produce the list of variables that you had, so for now I have been concentrating on scenery. As part of the layers produced I have made one for hidden trains which has removed all but 4, one on each of the four main lines. All I did was simply highlight the full train, lift it from the track and place it in that particular layer. By doing so I hoped to a) get to grips with variables without having to remove the basic programs that I had created, just in case I botch up and b) rationalise the tracks one by one. However until I master the basics of variables I will remain in a state of limbo. As for switching to invisible. I assume you mean highlight the 'eye' symbol at the right of each layer. If that is correct then I have already done that for each of the 11 layers not in use. Anyway thanks once again for the advice as I have said before the two feet first approach sometimes works but you can't beat the more realistic approach with the help of someone so knowledgeable. I am for ever in your debt. Many thanks. Cheers Pete
  5. 220hotwheels

    File size

    Hi I am keen to understand how the file size works with 3D Train Studio so that I might adjust my current layout in order to reduce lag. Until now my system has coped but the file size is now over 2.9Gb and as I continue to "paint" the scenery it is beginning to slow. I have asked this question of the manufacturer (info@3d-modellbahn.com) but have not received any answer. I know my layout is big, 12000 x 5000 and there are many 3d elements on this but if I can understand how the file is made up then it might help me to modify things in order to finish with a smooth flowing layout. Where I struggle to understand the file size thing is as follows: If I select a new board of a size 6000 x 2500, put 10 pieces of track on that board and save it the file size is greater than my original layout. I have already taken advice from other members on another matter and received invaluable advice with regard to creating different layers in order to gain more "grunt" when working. I have spoken to my computer manufacturer to see if my graphics card/PSU need to be increased but have been told that the present one should cope easily. So I am left to ask all you knowledgeable techies out there if you can help me to understand this whole file size thing with 3D design. Cheers Pete
  6. Hi Tom That's absolutely brilliant, many thanks. It might take me a while to digest it all but once I have it sorted then I will be able to move on. It took me a little while to find my way, smoothly, around the layers scenario but now it is almost second nature. I have already started to fine tune some of the water, road layout as well as re:examining some of the rail track but my file size still hovers around 2750kb but doing the alterations is certainly easier without all the other clutter. I will try to leave you in peace for now. I don't plan to be too adventurous for now with EC. My brain won't cope with too complicated at the moment but in time I'm sure I'll get to grips with it. I really do enjoy producing the layout and keep fine tuning much of the scenery. Cheers Pete
  7. Hi Tom Since our last communication I have spent my time creating layers as you suggested and checking round to turn off all animations that I can fined. Part of this operation highlighted that some track sections, mainly around crossing barriers, has jumped out of alignment I assume due to the conversion from V4 to V5. These are now sorted and so I turned my attention to your penultimate message in particular the bit about the new feature EC-protocol (the tab next to the EC one on the right) so that I could turn the other locos etc back on. Clearly I am not looking in the proper place as I seem unable to locate said tab, and you were bothered that as a total novice I might pick up variables with ease. At present I seem to have difficulty picking up the hammer, so to speak, let alone knocking in the nail!!! Dare I say that your screenshots have so far proved invaluable. Once I have solved this little mystery then I can get back to rationalising tracks, roads etc to try to reduce my file size for whilst everything seems to run fine on my PC if I have to transfer to my laptop then everything slows. Talking of speed I am once again a bit puzzled. When I first started with 3D Train Studio I saved each days work using the date as part of the name ie Fairmont100819.backup then the following day would be Fairmont110819.backup etc and each day the file sizes grew significantly until I was upto 41,000kb. Even then I had no issues with program lag. Now at 2,750kb lag is sometimes apparent as you found and I cannot explain this. Cheers Pete
  8. Hi Tom Once again thanks for the advice. The chances of me picking up variables quickly is akin to doing a moon walk next week. A challenge, though keeps the mind active so bring it on is all I can say. All the best, I'll let you know how I get on even if it has resulted in using a very large hammer to my very expensive system!!! Cheers Pete
  9. Hi Tom You're a star. Without your assistance and advice I think I would still be in the stone age part of this hobby. I had thought that I had turned off and reset all animated elements as I introduced them but clearly enthusiasm must have got the better of me during layout modification. I'll try to be more vigilant in the future. I have started to set up different layers the first element that I have chosen for this purpose is the roads, largely because they are larger and therefore more easily seen when selecting. Once they are done then I'll tackle the rail tracks. The water aspect is a bit easier to sort. I have experimented with one part replacing around 50 squares for just 1 and playing around with the baseboard prior to placing the new sheet. You're right about getting great effects by using different mediums under the water. I have only briefly looked at how you set up the LKW van. Once again how right you are about the use of variables, although I would never have got there without your help. In fact even now it's going to take me some time to digest just how to apply this example to everything else. I assume the track contacts are created by the events program or are these separate items to be selected and renamed from the on line catalogue. I must sound like a real numpty with some of the comments and questions that I ask. I had also noted that all other trains etc were on stop and pondered on how to restart them so once again many thanks for the heads up on that part. I'll keep you posted on my progress, if that's OK. Many thanks once again. Cheers Pete
  10. Hi Tom Thanks for all your efforts and for the example of EC. My computer doesn't seem to have a problem handling things at present but I take your point about reducing as much as possible. Whilst I can see the effect of getting rid of so many blocks of water for one large item I don't see any relevance for either track or road. If for example I remove 10 standard section of track each of 1806 polys and replace it with a single length the that new length is simply 10 x 1806. The same seems to apply to roads but water is different so I can see the merit in that. Regarding the layers. I can see the merit in following your advice and will do so despite this being something of a monumental task which I assume will involve removing all rolling stock in order to accommodate this procedure but I cannot see how I can reduce the overall file size by much. Out of interest I renamed your file Fairmont V5 modified, had to realign several bits of track at numerous points and then saved the file and backed up the database using the new file name. The size of the saved file has now jumped to almost 5.5, double what it was which leaves me somewhat puzzled. Anyway I have plenty to keep me occupied for the next few weeks. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers Pete
  11. Hi Tom What can I say but ooops, I guess the jump in with both feet approach this time has it's drawbacks. Many thanks in advance for your guidance re the EC scenario but your further recommendations pose me with yet another question. I can create the different layers as you have suggested but at the moment I am at a loss as to the best way to isolate the various elements not required on a particular layer so that I am left with just the layer needed, ie just rail tracks, roads etc.I do keep referring back to the manual but struggle at times with the English translation and so just play around until I get it right or make a complete mess. No doubt the answer will be fairly obvious, once you know, a bit like the "export a file" question so if you could point this addled brain of mine in the right direction once again I would be most appreciative. Cheers Pete
  12. Hi Tom Thanks for the comments and advice. I'll certainly look into every aspect of your recommendations. I have briefly looked at V5 events simply trying to set up the bus WCF 01 to depart from the ferry terminal to the bus stop at Fairmont station but so far I have got no where. Clearly using the knowledge from V4 isn't the answer. I'll do more experiments tomorrow along with looking at the water aspect. Thanks once again for your help. cheers Pete
  13. Hi Tom Many thanks again for your advice. I have now downloaded and purchased the full version of V5 but have not had chance to look at it in any great detail. After doing so I will probably continue with V5 only using V4 for possible experiments, therefore any recommendations you can let me have to simplify my various operations will be greatly appreciated. As you will see I have only really touched the surface of event control and many of the aspects of my work so far need to be tweaked but then that's part of the enjoyment. If you got everything right straight away where is the fun in that! The bus operation is currently only partly worked out as I was hopeful that through the forum I might be able to produce a more professional system. Anyway I will be interested in your views. The relevant file is attached. Chers Pete 220hotwheels Fairmont layout.mbp
  14. Hi Tom Let me get this straight then. V5 is the beta version. Do I simply click on the section for auto update to beta version to get the trial of V5 and by doing so do I affect my current layout in V4 or can I run both simultaneously. Also for the future will my V4 layout transfer to V5 once it has passed it's trial stage and I have upgraded or would I need to start all over with my current V4 layout. My present layout has thousands of items so far and I have really only just started. Admittedly much of my work now is fine tuning and finishing the scenery, as much of it is just "placed" roughly at present, but that will be at least another 500 hours work followed no doubt by much change as my experience and knowledge grows. I haven't had so much fun since starting my own businesses 45 years ago. Computers then were almost wind up toys. Are you suggesting that I export my main V4 layout as is for you to look over and offer your advice or just my test track layout, which I will complete later today. Cheers Pete
  15. Hi Tom Thanks for your reply and the offer to take a look at my test track. The first attempt was a bit of a disaster so I am starting a new one but it did at least give me some thoughts for my main layout which is V4. Despite everyone's advice I am still at a loss as to how to use variables. No doubt in the fullness of time it will come to me so all of my "Events" are quite basic using either track or road sections to control events. My challenge at present is to get 4 buses operating between a bus station and ferry terminal. The basic instructions are not so difficult but the challenge lies in getting everything to gel with the trains. The big challenge is at a level crossing with 4 tracks used by 16 different trains all crossing at various times. So far I have applied the principal of stop each bus at a bus stop just before the crossing and then at the appropriate moment, when the last carriage of a train has passed and triggered the crossing gates to open that will start the coach from the bus stop. Whilst this set of events is still in it's infancy I realise there is much still to learn to ensure a smooth flow for each bus but given time I will sort it in much the same way I have with the various boats that operate on my lake that are tied to the bascule bridge operation. No doubt variables would make for a simpler events control which is why I posted my question on the forum, the medium of which I am a complete novice too so I hope all will bear with me if I seem a bit slow to understand some of the finer points of it's use. Over the next few days I will set up another test track and then attempt to export it, once I have found out how to do so!!!. I suppose I could always send my main layout this way but am a bit loath to embarrass my self with all you knowledgeable guys. Thanks once again for all your advice and offer to assist me. Cheers Pete