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  1. Hi Simon Just taken a brief look at your solution. As I suspected your EV is definitely a lunch menu compared to my encyclopedic solution. Now I need to try to absorb how you achieved such simplicity and see if I can adapt such thinking to my test layout. Your solution works very well, most impressive although with mine I have tried to emulate a more natural approach and exit at the junctions although with today's traffic you are perhaps more accurate!!! Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Simon As I mentioned yesterday, here is my attempt at solving the T junction problem. I too have experienced the squishing problem. At Jn02 the poor red porsche can, at times be totally squished by the following vehicle and my solution is to continue to move the stop TC back just a touch to try to solve this problem. I'll take a look at your solution now, no doubt much briefer as far as the EV is concerned so let's see what I can learn from that. Cheers Pete T junction trial layout-copy.mbp
  3. Hi Simon I might just have a solution which if all goes well I hope to be able to post tomorrow. So far all is running well. My EV is a bit long winded, compared to yours, it's a bit like comparing the encyclopedia Britannica with a lunch menu but I'm sure you'll be able to trim it down. and from that I'll learn a thing or two. Pete
  4. Hi Simon I couldn't help but look through all the post regarding traffic management. This is something that I too have wrestled with for quite some time. Late last year I got an almost passable test layout, the junctions on the south side only thus far, but my methodology is somewhat cruder than yours,lack of knowledge in the finer points of EV. However it did seem to work to a point, then I lost the enthusiasm to finish it and used traffic lights instead, not ideal but it does control the traffic well. I've attached my unfinished attempt just in case, with your expertise you are abl
  5. Hi Goetz Having followed your advice more closely with a few modifications to the layout it would seem that the lag issue is all but gone now. Tomorrow I will try a full run through so fingers crossed all will be well. Many thanks for the continued patience and advice. Kind regards Pete
  6. Hi Douglas I don't know about "Deep Blue" more like egg on face and a winding handle. All of that said, thanks to Goetz and a bit of a rethink today plus quite a bit of a reshuffle and so far, fingers crossed, no further problems with lag as each vehicle moves from one set route to another. Tomorrow I'll try a complete run through just to be satisfied. Pete
  7. Hi Douglas Many thanks for the insight into the problems my layout causes, I hadn't realised this as it runs well on my PC apart from the stutters caused by vehicles changing from one part of their designated route to another so now I must rethink quite a bit of this in an attempt to smooth these out. Heaven forbid that the AFS fleet of 30 trucks has to be trimmed down, so I need to get this right. Everything else is now on hold as I concentrate on one vehicle at a time. Certainly I don't think the problem is my PC. I have plenty of RAM, 48GB, an i7 processor and high end Nvidia graphics
  8. Hi Goetz Many thanks for that, I think!! A further rethink is on the cards, especially after Douglas's comment about how slow elements of my layout run on his machine. Fortunately I don't have that problem apart from the occasional stutter brought about by lag as each vehicle sets it's next target. With luck and time I might just get that solved now. Further knowledge to my expanding learning curve awaits. Many thanks Pete
  9. Good afternoon Goetz Having applied your recommendation to most routes then the program lag has drastically reduced as the route finder has less work to do before confirming the assigned route. My current problem is perhaps the number of individual routes applied to my present layout. 1.5 seconds seems to be the longest lag caused to the movement of most items but even so this can throw some element out of sync especially if there are several such lags within a short period of time and such lags happen whilst a vehicle is negotiating a junction with traffic lights or something similar.
  10. Hi Goetz Well, your suggestion has worked just fine. Part one of route 2 with only 3 waypoints and the little VW Golf stops only momentarily before going on it's merry way. So lots to do now to improve other hiccups but at least the little grey cells have gained yet more knowledge, with yet another problem solved, in what seems to be a merry go round of problems and solutions. Life's never dull with 3D Train Studio and would we want it any other way? Cheers Pete
  11. Morning Goetz Many thanks for your advice. In a way it's good to know that you too have experienced this problem. Most of the vehicles designated specific routes have their overall route already split into either 4 or 5 sections because of the specific need for direction change at the older style junctions. However within each of these separate routes there are as many as 13 different waypoints listed and some of those waypoints are also included in other vehicle route listings. So I will follow your recommendation for this particular vehicle initially and introduce 4 separate routes
  12. Hi Sintbert Thanks for that although at this moment in time I'm not too sure how to investigate this. The problem is worst with one particular vehicle, the VW Golf in the screenshot as it starts route 2. The whole program freezes for about 15 seconds. With others it is no more than either 1 or 2 seconds at best or 5 seconds at worst. How do I start to investigate an endless loop? Pete
  13. Hi to all I have a number of vehicles that have their routes set individually. Most have upto 4 separate routes and all work well in themselves. However I do find that when a vehicle makes contact with the TC that will start it's particular route the vehicle will stop, sometimes only momentarily, other times for several seconds. If the latter then the whole program freezes and is only unfrozen when that particular vehicle actually starts its designated route. This is most apparent when there are 7 or more instructions within the route. Many of the "objects" set are used by other vehicles
  14. Well Douglas, what can I say! you're an absolute star. The trailer is brilliant. Now to the tricky stuff. The only program I have on my computer at the moment is Paint and I've only ever used it when having to convert a screenshot from a .png to a jpg file, that's it. Back in the days of first starting out with 3d Studio I did download both blender and Gimp but quite frankly I simply could not make any sense out of either. In the past I have used Coral but that was many years ago and having taken a brief look at the present cost I decided to remain ignorant, now that I am good at!!! So I will
  15. Hi Douglas Just got back from getting my hearing aids sorted, downloaded your file, extracted the zip file and taken a quick peek. I'll amend that last bit to taken a quite lengthy peek. Now I've decided I need to go back out again and try for a brain transplant. Having done nothing in the past with design/paint programs I am left feeling just a bit overwhelmed. No doubt once I get the hang of such programs then all will become much clearer but at this moment in time I really don't know what to do in order to progress with your very kind gift. The closest I have ever got to this type
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