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  1. Thanks for that Neo. Nice to know all is well with the program. I've not had too much time to get to grips with much that is new but I have certainly noticed how much smoother movement around the layout is. I had added some road sections to a trest layout that I am working on so attach this so you can see the problem although I think Metallix might just have given me the answer. He also very kindly pointed me in the right direction for sorting out a crane operation/cargo loading and unloading although I still haven't got the "magic" right to send all the cargo back to their respective start p
  2. This question sounds really stupid but having spent a couple of hours trying to solve it and getting nowhere I decided to seek help. On previous layouts I have had no problem with roads. I start off with a straight and then edit it to create curves etc. So, if I now take a section of "street" edit its length to say 500mm then add a curve of 150mm x 180 degrees I find that route '0' has changed but routes 1 and two have not. I can change them manually but can only guess at the length required. If I apply the same length as for '0' then the vehicle will not stay on the track. I have looked
  3. Thanks for that. I now note that V6 will be available in the next few weeks so will check it out then. In the meantime I will continue to refine my V5 version layouts. Cheers Pete
  4. Hi Goetz That's great thanks. I'll have to see if I can upgrade from V5 to V6. I have automatic update enabled but presumably that does not include a version change. The picture of the Messerschmidt brings back memories of the first car that one of my friends bought. It too was one just like this. He used to drive it like an F1 driver and scared the life out of me. They were not the most stable of cars and he was no respecter of corners. His moto being 'flat out at all times' and keep your fingers and legs crossed at the bends. Once again many thanks for the advice. Pete
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction of how to have different vehicles travelling on the same road, in the same direction but that they will stop or slow down when the one in front does so. I am aware that there are invisible spacers that will do this, to a point, but I am trying to achieve closer to reality than simply having one follow another like a robot. Ultimately I hope to be able to create a situation where one vehicle can join a road, follow other vehicles but then turn off when it's particular program dictates so that it can then follow a different designate
  6. Hi Tom It's been a long time since we last spoke. I hope you are well and not having problems with the dredded Coronavirus. Life here in the UK is a bit challenging but then I have 3 D Train Studio to keep me busy. That said I have spent around 1200 hours on the latest layout. I am learning plenty as I go and keep going back to modify earlier efforts when I find a more professional approach to a problem. All was going well until about four hours ago when, whilst doing a routine back up I got an error message telling me that something had gone wrong and to restart the program. No matter wh
  7. Hi Tom I do already run two computers in order to compare certain aspects as I go. I would dearly love not to get involved with Lua and can normally find my way around the graphic EM but this time I was totally stumped as to how to achieve the "Multiple conditions bit in the first line of the Road Traffic events 'Track contact is triggered'. I do plan to redo this part of the EV over and over until I get it right. In the second event, 'Object variable is changed' the only thing that was missing was the word 'else' on the penultimate line so how I would have sorted that in the graphics EM
  8. Hi Tom After much deliberation I still could not figure out how to achieve the necessary amendments to the two lines in the "Road Traffic" section. As a last resort I converted both your example and mine to Lua script and compared them. As a result I have been able to sort the problem and I think the demo is now running fine. Clearly I need to give more thought as to how to sort matters out without having to revert to Lua script. Cheers Pete Crossing barriers test track.mbp
  9. Hi Tom I found time this evening to play with the demo layout. I decided that for the purpose of learning I should try to emulate your demo so that I could fully understand the various aspects. I believe I have made progress as the trains close and open the barriers. The cars too will stop at the barriers but do so whether they are up or down. I wonder whether this might be because under events "Road Traffic" "Track contact is triggered" I seem unable to acquire the first event "Multiple conditions", this I thought came up automatically when multiple conditions were present as I cannot se
  10. Hi Tom Will do. I hope to make a start on sorting it out later today. If all goes well then I might get it finished either today or tomorrow depending how many family interruptions I get!! Cheers Pete
  11. Hi Tom Once again many thanks for your advice. I have briefly looked through it all and printed it off so that I can constantly refer back to it. My initial thought was that of confusion but like most things the more you concentrate on it the clearer it becomes, or at least I hope it will. You are also so right in that it is only by doing things yourself does it totally sink in so the back to the drawing board and start from scratch as a final measure is definitely the best way. Once I begin my start from scratch program would a track contact with deferred timing do a similar job to
  12. Hi Tom As most of the roads in the new layout are only single roads I thought it would be a simple task to adopt your EV for my purposes. I believe I have translated everything correctly but cannot get the barriers to operate using 01 Schlieben. If I change to 02 Offrien then the barrier will close but then open and close again instead of just opening. I assume the problem is to do with the instruction under the variable Belegung but having tried one or two alternatives it seemed to make no difference. The bus on the other hand will stop whether the barrier is up or down but will not sta
  13. Hi Tom Many thanks for that. From a brief glance through the EV it would seem that I was not far off the mark at times but just got certain bits mixed up so then went down numerous other paths. If Mr Google and I get a bit lost with any translation might I impose on you yet again for help with that? Cheers Pete
  14. Hi Tom I hope you are well, that you enjoyed your Christmas and are now ready to fully embrace 2020. May I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for this New Year. Since our last contact I took the decision to follow your advice and put Fairmont well and truly on hold pending quite radical alterations once I have learnt more. To that end I started a new layout, much smaller by comparison, so that I could concentrate on more interactive operations in order to try to understand EV management more fully. As a result of this I now have greater control of trains and loa
  15. Hi Tom Thanks for that. My thinking for Lockington Main is to present me with as many different scenarios to solve that may appear in Fairmont. Different tracks, different crossings and so on but without any clutter. As I solve one problem I can then introduce another whilst having to retain the overall operation capability. So onwards and upward with the crossing problem. I've copied and translated the crossing demo shown in the posts under demo and will look to apply that logic to my problem. As for Auto Updates. I already have that "ticked" permanently so assume I will always have
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