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  1. Hi Neo Knuckles duly wrapped if I have jumped the gun but after only a very brief glace through V7 I have to say that it seems to have surpassed all expectations. Great improvement on V6, brilliant. I'm sure there are many like me who will put up with the fixes to follow element just to be able to explore the new version. Kind regards Pete
  2. Hi to all my fellow enthusiasts. The long awaited V7 version is now available so for those interested in the upgrade here is a link that will get you started. https://community.3d-modellbahn.de/wiki/allgemein/%C3%BCbersicht-%C3%BCber-die-neuen-funktionen-v7-r33/ Enjoy. I'm sure I will, from a brief glance there are some amazing treats in store. I only hope those with larger layouts such as mine have been accommodated. Only time will tell as I work through all of the goodies. Pete
  3. Hi Hubert Once again many thanks for at least considering this for a potential future build. I fully understand that it is not a priority but just a small seed for possible future consideration. Kind regards Pete
  4. @hubert.visschedijk Hi hubert As promised I have put together a few photo's for you to consider. I fully understand there is no obligation on your part and even if you were to consider producing anything along these lines it is likely to be well into the future, so many, many thanks for even considering this request. Kind regards Pete
  5. Hi Hubert Everything with me is usually by luck rather than good management, but hey if it works, no problem. Kind regards Pete
  6. Hi Simon Many thanks for both of your replies. I assume Douglas will pick these up and comment further. This is not something that I am currently involved with but no doubt in the future I have this as a reference point. Kind regards Pete
  7. Hi Hubert I'd wondered how that element worked having noticed such items in earlier posts. What do they say "A day without learning is a day lost" true, but with such good members as there are in MBS then not many days are lost. Many thanks for the pointer. I will get back to you with those photo's a.s.a.p. By the way I have added street lighting to your suspension bridge. It looks great. See attached. Your comment regarding the third track in the ferry. I hadn't noticed but now you have pointed this out I will have to reconsider that aspect. Kind regards Pete
  8. Hi Douglas A very good friend of mine has seen your post and sent me a solution that he feels will solve your predicament. I'm not sure if this message is a duplication of one that I was compiling several minutes ago so if it is then my apologies but I could not find how to include an attachment in that one so it might simply have been deleted. Anyway attached is what my good friend feels should be OK. None of this is my work, I'm not cleaver enough (yet), perhaps in another 5 years!!! Hope it helps. Kind regards Pete Signal Speed distribution.mbp
  9. Hi Hubert Yep I agree the Titanic is good. Perhaps because it is less modern than your containership the appeal is not as intense but I only include in my layouts those models that I find really appealing so I think a good result all round. Over the next few days I will sort out some pictures of the two items that I mention in earlier posts for your consideration, and yes I do appreciate if you were to consider making such items that it will not be a quick result. As they say "patience is a virtue". I might not be all that virtuous but I can be very patient. Your MS Aguamarin 11 ferr
  10. Just a short postscript to the above. I realise that Ferry 2 is your design too, I'm using that in my layout as you know but compared to the look of Containership Ituana it does not have quite the same visual appeal. Perhaps my view is wrong to compare the two but in my humble opinion the detail in Ituana is greater than in Ferry 2. Having now dug myself into a very large hole I will jump in and operate the digger by remote !!! kind regards Pete
  11. Hi Hubert It has only just dawned on me that you are the author of the containership Ituana. The number of times I have looked at that in the catalogue without it actually registering who had produced it. May I say that in my humble opinion it is the best model boat in the catalogue. The detail is spectacular, and the overall design is so realistic. Much like your Shell tanker. If I had a request for you to consider for the future it would be for you to apply your brilliant design ability to creating a similarly realistic small cruiser and ferry. Whilst the ones currently available are pr
  12. Hi Hubert Many thanks for that. I'll give it a try and yes I had renamed it as Fairmont suspension bridge. Kind regards Pete
  13. Hi Douglas As I have said before All advice is most gratefully received. From comments that you have posted thus far I would have thought you to be pretty clued up on this intricate EM work!! After my last posting I decided to revisit the Wiki page and see if I can now make more sense of some of the advice. Despite knowing more than I did when I last looked I am still getting quite confused by some of the narrative largely because the screen shots provided are in German and therefore trying to match to the English equivalent that I use is proving to be less straight forward than it m
  14. Hi Douglas I am please that you have found and been good enough to point out the error of my ways. In many comments that I have made on the forum I have described my methodology as rather akin to a Heath Robinson approach, relying a lot of Murphy's Law. Quite frankly as yet I really do not understand much to do with the use of variables, iteration, and as you so rightly reminded me earlier blocking signals. The problem for an old duffer like me is that if there's a simple way round a problem without having to use too much brain power to achieve a goal then that's the route I have ta
  15. Hi Douglas Yep fares here require mega bucks. The cheapest way to travel by train is to know when you plan to use it about two years in advance!! Personally I haven't used a train or bus in more years than I care to remember. Not that I don't like either but I like to choose my own time for everything and I enjoy driving. I'm a bit of a car freak, love my cars!! The only reason there are no passengers on the trains, busses etc is simply down to the basic fact that the more I add the slower ever thing is. And I've been a bit lazy. Your solution with the blocking signal is spot on
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