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  1. Hi Eric Not too sure if this will help but I too use both a desktop PC and a laptop. My simple solution is to create a back up on whichever computer I am using onto either a USB stick or even an SD card if it has a large enough capacity and then simply transfer from one computer to another. Therefore any work done on one and saved on to it and the USB or memory card can be inserted into your other computer and away you go. The layout that I am currently working on is already up to 3890KB so I know that this system works you just need to make sure you copy the whole directory and not
  2. Life is full of challenges, this hobby is just one of them but I have to say that I find it a most enjoyable challenge. Just every now and again you need a push from those with greater knowledge. As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, "I'll be back" Cheers Pete
  3. Hi Goetz I've taken a look through each of the recommended demo's which in part do solve this problem as a general rule. Unfortunately the little bits that I have translated, thanks to Mr Google have left me further confused but it has highlighted the fact that my attempts so far need lots of work in order to gain both a smooth operation and a much more professional one. The drawing board awaits!! Cheers Pete
  4. Thanks Goetz Since sending my last message I have been trying all sorts. Having copied and pasted the posts into google, the forum search box I seem to have got lots of different items to read. All fascinating stuff but still a bit confusing. I'll follow your advice and see what comes up. Many thanks once again. From reading many more of your posts I have concluded that you must have immense patience to cope with questions such as mine. I am so grateful that you have such patience. Cheers Pete
  5. Many thanks for that Goetz. I do fully understand you will have many other priorities. I am just grateful for any assistance that you can offer over time. As they say, there is always tomorrow! I haven't so far seen the items that you have mentioned. I will take a look later today and see just how much I can learn from them. This might seem like an even dafter question but how do I access the items you have mentioned. I tried to copy and paste, double click and place in the search section above. Clearly I need a brain transplant. Once again many thanks. Cheers Pete
  6. Hi to all. I'm back with yet another problem to solve, possibly one for you Goetz. My main layout has over 50 'T' junctions and some cross roads. In order to be able to have a smooth flow of traffic I decided that I needed to get to grips with the intricacies of traffic flow, easier said than done. My efforts to date have produced what could loosely described as a moderate success but that really isn't good enough. The basic principle that I applied to solving this problem was to follow the general rule for rail crossings with barriers. I arrived at this conclusion after trying many othe
  7. Hi Andy & Goetz Apologies for taking time to respond. I had picked up your replies earlier but had to take a phone call from the Loss Adjusters appointed by our insurance company. I am in the process of concluding a settlement for Business Interruption caused by Covid-19 for our bookbinding company and typical of insurers they have a very large book of silly questions that require multiple answers before they make up their minds. I've lost count of the number of spreadsheets I have completed but I think I can now safely say that I have a result. Phew. Both of your solutions are
  8. Hi Andy Not too sure how to best understand your comment in the last paragraph, I'll just have to think about it a bit longer, that's the problem when your brain gets to 75 yrs, it slows down and need constant prodding or another beer!!! I have applied your suggestion though to my main layout and hey presto all works fine. Just one further thought. I have created quite a complex control panel in order to keep tabs on all moving objects with lights highlighting just where everything is, mainly car, trucks, busses, boats, cranes etc and now helicopters. So far I have used the switch th
  9. Hi Andy What can I say other than brilliant. As with so many things in this life the solution is often so simple. I've spent around 4 hours trying to solve what you have clearly sorted in a matter of minutes. I look forward to the time when my knowledge base of this hobby is even partly comparable to guys like you. Once again many thanks. Cheers Pete
  10. Hi everyone I am trying to introduce another element to my layout by adding a helicopter. Setting out a suitable flightpath is straightforward, the helicopter to follow said flightpath is also no problem. Where I am struggling is in getting the rotors to start and stop automatically. No matter what I have tried so far I just cannot get it right. If I use the "stop animation" as the helicopter comes into land then yes the rotors will stop but then the helicopter won't start up again. I am sure there is a very simple solution to this but so far it is escaping me so if anyone has the answer
  11. That's brilliant, many thanks Goetz. Clearly I hadn't delved deep enough in order to find the solution. I've been noting some of your answers to other questions asked on the forum. You are clearly someone with an immense knowledge of this hobby which is most fortunate for those like me. Cheers Pete
  12. Hi everyone Now this might be a daft question but I hope someone out there has a simple solution. In V6 there is the really useful facility as shown in the title to this enquiry. What I would like to know is can this be turned on and off through EM. At the moment if I reverse a car into a garage it stops too soon, before the contact. The same happens if a vehicle reverses up to a wall. I would therefore like to be able to incorporate turning this aspect off when undertaking such operations and then turn it back on as the vehicle leaves the garage. I've looked through the various elements
  13. You're so very right Eric I took semi retirement back in 2006 and have never really stopped since. MBS is, however, a really good distraction from much of every day life. I find that I spend anything up to 5, 6 hours each day/evening simply creating a layout that would be impossible to do so in reality. Like you when I started I found everything so strange. I read through the manual and experimented to learn how to create scenery, alter track and roads, place objects and if necessary adjust their sizes before getting into Event Management (EM) in order to program the automatic movement of
  14. Hi Eric I too am of a similar age to you. I found 3D Train Studio in early 2019, it was version 4 then, and I've been hooked ever since. My layouts too are a bit on the large size but my computer seems to cope although there were times when, with version 5 the frames per second began to nudge into the low 30's but version 6 seems to have improved this no end. Like you too I had many questions, which looking back were pretty daft as many of the answers were so simple once they were pointed out to you. I've had and am still getting invaluable help from fellow members who constantly poi
  15. Hi Hubert You are absolutely right there. The delete button and copy and paste are far less harmful than a hammer, nails and glue. As with most things to do with computers though you need at least half a brain and sometimes I think mine's gone into hibernation!!! Kind regards Pete Hi Hubert Sie sind genau richtig. Die Löschtaste und Kopieren und Einfügen sind weit weniger schädlich als ein Hammer, Nägel und Kleber. Wie bei den meisten Dingen, die mit Computern zu tun haben, obwohl du mindestens ein halbes Gehirn brauchst und manchmal denke ich, dass ich in den Wintersc
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