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V7 Programing Questions

Richard T

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I’m programming in VB.

I haven’t done any since around V5.

I am hoping to end up with 3d train studio controlling my model RR when I finally get around to building it

I have a few questions about the new features i have noticed in V7

from my VB program ...

Can I Access the variables that can be assigned to an object? e.g., a variable in an engine object that i added called “MaxSpeed”

Can I access the acceleration and deceleration variables?

Can I access things related to the Routes? So, I can start them and maybe check their status.

I have noticed a command in the event control called “Trigger user defend event “

Is there something here to enable me to send a message from 3d studio to my program

Is there something here to enable me to act on a command from my VB

I have downloaded and translated the command lists from wiki

Is there anywhere else that I can get the latest examples, commend list or anything else that may help me better understand the commands and the possibilities




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