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Hello everybody.

:D No, just a joke, when I saw my ugly gbs control panel … a title was found. :D 

In this layout you can swith automatic on / off. When off you have some limited influence on where the trains are going. But even then the routes control the safety of the rolling stock.
With the use of reserved tracks ( yellow ) or occupied tracks ( red ) you can handle the rolling stock.

Do not use the signals and/or track switches directly on the gbs panel. It is not conform with the built in routes.

Thanks for looking, have fun ! Kind regards, Herman.   D57E7A2A-1F2A-4A80-A716-571FE168F22D   V8






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Hallo @Herman,


To protect the switches in the signal box make that:


There ist a level-objekt (model ID D20B82EA-471D-4BF5-83FD-C87F3DD19CE9).

A 100% transparent level-objekt is never visible so I had it to mark manually.

To adjust the height of the level object set transparency temporary to 0:


You find my example (as above) in layout 02380CEE-EE17-40D3-9B6A-8E9949C96FE0.

Kind regards



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Hello to all, thanks to the tip from @Phrontistes , the GBS panel is now protected against changing the signals and/or track switches directly. Same ID nr.
Altough this is possible, I did prefer not to do the same in the layout. The warning stays, do not change signals and or track/switches directly in the layout.

In the Gbs panel it was really needed, a wrong 2x click in the In the surroundings of the buttons can happen easily. 

Have fun, thanks for looking.

Edited by Herman
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vor 2 Minuten schrieb Herman:

Altough this is possible, I did prefer not to do the same in the layout.

Me too. If you covered the whole layout, you wouldn't even be able to put on a vehicle or clean up an "accident" without special knowledge: You would have to know that you would have to make a layer-object that is actually invisible but displayed as visible invisible :/.

Kind regards


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