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  1. Thank you or does help. Eric
  2. Thanks again Goetz, All is now well and I now have a copy of my layout on the new baseboard to allow me to practice on, I did know about saving the extra copy under save as but it had never crossed my mind to do it until you mentioned it. You are a lifesaver. Eric
  3. Sorry to ask this but how do I do it? If I had asked this question weeks ago it would have saved me quite a lot of time. I have in the past redone my tracks onto a new board about four times now. So in future, the first thing to do is ask the question before doing anything. Looking forward to your reply, and thanks again. Eric
  4. Hi Goetz, Thanks for the reply. If, I delete the board will I lose my layout tracks, or can I save them? Eric
  5. I have at last made a river/valley and saved it, but I have decided that I need to place it in a different location. Can anyone please tell me how to revert the base board back to a flat surface without loosing the tracks to allow me to reposition the river/valley. Thanks, Eric
  6. Thank you, Curt, I will study it.
  7. Thanks, Goetz, I will take another look at the video and do it step by step and then hopefully I will get it to work. At least now at long last, I have made the valley for the water thanks to you. Eric
  8. Thanks for the reply Curt, That wasn't what I was thinking of, but it looks as though it would suffice. The video I have seen was by Goetz and he did it quite easily in one movement, but when I tried I get a rectangle that spills over the sides and doesn't follow the shape of the valley. So that now leaves the question, "How do I do your version, please"? Eric
  9. Hi I have formed a valley and want to turn it into a river. I have seen a video on how to do this but what I need to know is how to make the selected water follow the contours and length which is rather long in just one operation. Thanks, Eric
  10. I would like to say a big thank you to both Goetz and simonjackson1964 for all there help today. In the end, I used the method which Goetz said to try. Thanks again both. Eric
  11. Goetz, I have just tried something. I have put the layout in 2d mode got a new piece of track and yes it's at a different high from the track. The new price slides under the layout track, so this means that I need to lower the layout track or bring the board surface up to layout track hight somehow. Eric
  12. Goetz, As well as the board area being made larger I also made the thickness slightly thicker, perhaps this is the trouble. I that's the case then I have a problem as I don't remember what the original thickness was. I have just pulled two pieces of track out of the online catalogue and connected them with no problem, which makes me think that it's a thickness issue. Eric
  13. Thanks for your reply, Simon. Yes, on the track which I get from the online catalogue when I try to connect is blue its the red bars which are at the ends like when it's a track at the end of a siding or station terminus. I am using the paid version. Eric
  14. Hi Goetz, I just drag the next piece of track to the red end of one piece but both ends stay red. What do you need to see my layout, if it's my login details then I don't mind sending you them? Eric
  15. Hi, No, it's not the auto-connect setting its still coloured blue. Things were fine until the board resize, I have now reversed the resizing but that has not corrected the problem. Is there a limit on the number of track pieces? Eric
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