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  1. Hi All

    Thank for your help on the last problem.

    I now have all the animation working and am on to making things look good.

    I see in other models in 3d train studio that people seem to use multiple colours but only use 1 or 2 materials.

    Everything I can find seems to say that each colour is a different material and 3d train studio seems to prefer less materials.

    I can use textures for each colour, but that seems a bit extreme.

    Could you please point me in the right direction of what is the best way to do this?

    Also, can the .x exporter work when blender is in Cycles Render mode for textures and colours?


  2. Hi EASY

    Sorry to be a pain, but I'm stuck again.

    I have used the automation method and renamed the part (wheel) to _AnimWheel.

    This makes the part work well.

    However, I can't find how to add more parts, (more wheels and drive rods).

    They all add to the animation as new/separate names and therefore will not run automatically.

    I haven't found anything on the blender sites that explain how to put all the animation under one name.

    Any help would be appreciated, also is there any chance i could get a copy of an engine model with drive gear and smoke, in blender format so I can see how it's done?





  3. Hi All

    I am still learning how to use Blender.

    I am trying to automate the drive gear in a steam loco.

    I have the wheels rotating OK , but can't get the drive gear to work.

    I have tried two methods that I found on YouTube:

    1. The bone method

    2. The child / Parent method

    Both work within Blender, but neither seem to work once I export to .x file and import to 3D train studio.

    Any suggestions on what method I should be using, or why they won't work?





  4. Help with automating wheels in Blender and .x file


    I have made a model engine in Blender and exported it to .x

    When I load it into 3D Train Studio, it sits above the rail by the height of the wheel flanges.

    Also the speed of the wheels is a bit out, again probably due to things being based on the outside diameter of the wheel (flange), rather than the size of the tyre.


    Is there somewhere in Blender that I can adjust figures?

    Is there somewhere in 3D Train Studio that I can adjust figures?

    Is there something else I can do to fix this problem?

  5. Hi

    Sorry about the spelling error

    Shunting is the term we use for moving wagons around the yards or into sidings.

    I can achieve this by checking the state of the couplers and checking the wagon moves when the train moves,


  6. Hi all

    I have a problem where the automatic sound is not working,. i can run an engine sound manually but the ' auto mode ' box on the engine control is always  greyed out.I have checked the setting and the sound ' Active ' box is ticked and the volume is up. any ideas what else i should try

    Thanks, Richard

  7. Hi Easy

    Yes i,m keen to give it a go. if i get it done i will send it back to you so you can publish it if you are happy with it.

    I'm after a plugin that will help me with laying out the track, just something basic to start with so i can learn it as i go, but i would be happy to try the Gleis-Setz-Tools

    My email is "  taplin@ihug.co.nz "

    Thanks, Richard

  8. Hi all

    I want to try use some of the "plug ins" to help with track positioning, etc. There look like some good ones written by " EASY ", however they are in German. Does anyone know where I can download the source files or examples, so I could translate them to English, or sort out how to write my own?

    I currently use VB6 but could change if required.

  9. Hi Again

    I am having a another problem

    I am trying to use blender V 2.77

    I am using the sample vehicle model that i found somewhere on the wiki site

    I load the model, do not change the model in any way , i then export it as .3ds

    I can then exit blender and restart it

    I can then import the .3ds file and it look fine

    However when i try to load it into 3d train studio, it gets screwed up

    I have tried several models, save from blender , with the same results

    I can save a very simple model and then load it into 3d train studio

    I have the same results when exporting as .x files, but they often come up with loading errors as wall

    3d train studio dose load example .x models fine

    Any thoughts


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