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  1. ger klunder

    Automatic to free track

    Hello Goetz, Thank you for your reply and explanation. It was that I was stuck and did not have more ideas to solve the problem, Best regards and thank you again for yor help. Ger
  2. ger klunder

    Automatic to free track

    Hi Goetz, Thank you for the amended sample. I did already learn a lot from your online video clip with the module sample. This was great and very helpful. (maybe make more ) With your sample I did become the same problem that I have that all trains go to one track. The sample from Tom was exact what I needed. Now I going to try with one signal before the station that when no track is avalible the train stop and when a track is free the light go green. Again I have learn more. Thank you Goetz. Best regards, Ger
  3. ger klunder

    Automatic to free track

    Hi Tom, You understand exactly what I mean, thank you for the compliment Its really great that you and other people take the time for support I come for sure back for more support. Best regards, Ger
  4. ger klunder

    Automatic to free track

    Hi Tom. Great that you have some fun by changing it and take some time for me to show one of the ways Thank you for the explanation about blowing up my EM. you have right it make no sence what I did. Thank you for your sample this really helps me for learning. I first did not understand a bunch of carpeted Now I did see it I make a mess Again learn something to check more if I have deleted old things. I love MBS and it is for me not easy to find a simple manual from MBS with the working from variable. Its really great what some people make here when the use it. The new version V5 is great Still have a lot to learn Cheers and best regards, Ger
  5. ger klunder

    Automatic to free track

    Hi Jürgen, Thank you for the explanation. I go to find a new way with switches, Come back on it and give it a new try Kind regards Ger
  6. ger klunder

    Automatic to free track

    Hello model rail friends, My name is Ger and I am from Holland. I really love this program for many years now. I have been busy for weeks now to get something done that if there are several trains, they will be back to a free track. This work fine with one, but not when I release more trains. in version V3 and V4 their was a nice sample. I relay hoop that someone can help me to make a sample. I added my example. Thanks for the help. Ger sample.mbp
  7. ger klunder

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