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  1. Hello everyone, please see after my comment/question, the WIKI part Google translated that I copied and pasted. My question is: what is exactly a "Lock Switch" ? Why we need it ? I know many of you speak a perfect English (compared to Google !!) so I would love if someone could explain this part "stop signal with comfort feature". This entire paragraph is very confusing (because again badly translated by Google) as well as the sentence "the blocking is only effective...." (I am lost !) Thank you so much for all your time and help. Oliver Virginia / USA Stop signal with comfort features Compared to the preceding circuit, there are additional functions for safe stopping, secure passage, premature braking and delayed Driving. Participating switching objects Signal (controls the behavior of the train when approaching or when stopping in front of the signal) Retaining track (red, controls the speed of the locomotive available on the track) Brake track (orange, causes premature braking of the train on approach speed) Locking switch (purple, effected in the closed state of the forced stop of the retaining track on the moving train) Main track (green, intensifies traversed train at cruising speed) The "lock switch" is a switch construct in which the radius and the length of the diverging line are so small that this string does not appear in the representation of the switch by the model railway club. These strand no track is connected. Therefore, the train will stop when the switch is set to "branch". Due to the shortness of this strand of the train remains in front of the branch are and can therefore continue to drive in straight strand, once the lock switch has been changed to "straight". The blocking is only effective when driving the lock switch in the direction of the branch when the "automatic activation" is set the course for the locomotives (is in the opposite direction "slit").
  2. As we are asked what feature(s) we want, the main feature I would like to have is the full program in English. For instance: 1) Plugins in English 2) Name of all the 3D objects in English 3) Tutorials in English. Yes, you may think that Google translate doesn't do such a bad job BUT trust me when you are trying to figure out something AND you have to understand a translation, sometimes that makes it very frustrating. Thank you so much for listening. 3DTS is really the best out there (I tried all the other ones) Oliver Virginia, USA
  3. 1)It would be nice to have an off and on button to disable the Z rotation as very often when grabbing an object I grabbed this axis by mistake and sent it below the "Bodenplatte" 2) It would be nice to have a "append another -object- " button (like the tracks) for walls, fences, platforms, roads, overhead lines, etc... ) I don't know who is in charge of 3DTS but I want to say thank you for such a great program: it is worth every penny. Oliver Virginia, US
  4. Henry this is a very neat function ! Very handy. Thank you !! Oliver
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    Plug Ins

    Easy made so many great plugins and I can only use one (Landscaping) - although I don't understand it all it does work and I love it. BUT so many plugins just for Germany ! That is NOT fair !! I am not asking that the plugins be in English (the actual program) but couldn't we have a page in the forum or on the website: 1) Translation of each word / screen / tab / button in English 3) *Instruction* (step by step - how about an example ?!) and explanation of what they do precisely (Google translate does NOT help) in English. Thanks so much for listening. Oliver Viginia, USA
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    Dear Henry: thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
  7. Hello Everyone! Is is possible to save EDITED tracks (NOT tracks created using 3D MODELS -> NEW -> TRACK.) ? I set them outside the "Bodenplatte" and I use copy and paste to put them in my layout. The DEMO version at the time would not allow me to use 3D MODELS -> NEW -> TRACK ... that is why I used the EDIT command of existing tracks to "create" my N 55 tracks. I would love to save those edited tracks in my library/catalog but I don't know if that is possible now that I have bought the PRO version. Many thanks ! Oliver Virginia/USA
  8. I am not sure where to post this but the error which may discourage a lot of people on checking out 3DTS 1) Go to https://www.3d-modellbahn.de/ 2) Click on the ENGLISH flag (URL is https://en.3d-modellbahn.de/ ) and you get a " NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID " message Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from en.3d-modellbahn.de (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID Automatically report details of possible security incidents to Google. Privacy policy Back to safetyHIDE ADVANCED This server could not prove that it is en.3d-modellbahn.de; its security certificate is fromwww.3d-modellbahn.de. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Proceed to en.3d-modellbahn.de (unsafe) I am just reporting this error. I hope this helps. Oliver Virginia / USA
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    Thank you Henry. I didn't know the procedure that is why I was asking. I am patient no problem at all, and I want to thank you both very much. Oliver
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    "Upload completed"..... I am not sure what you mean dear Henry because I cannot see anything in the folders in question. (beside the tracks I had edited myself the very first time I bought and used 3DTS and that I had saved). Do I need to do anything to see your uploads ?
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    Point Indicator for Switches ?

    That is perfect !! Oh and they work great also ! Thank you SO much BahnLand !!! Oliver
  12. Hello everyone ! I am looking in all the existing 3D models library for a Point Indicator for Switches. Are there any ? I looked but I must I missed them. Here is what I am talking about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railroad_switch#/media/File:Railway_turnout_-_Oulu_Finland.jpg As usual many many thanks ! Oliver Virginia, USA
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    Ohhh I can see that a NEW folder has been created in ATLAS !! (Spur N Code 55) . Does this mean that the tracks will be coming soon thanks to Henry ?! That is great upcoming news !! Oliver Virginia / USA
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    Problem Gleisbelegung Status und Variablen

    BahnLand I cannot thank you enough for all your help! 3DTS really needs to hire you to translate all the HELP features in English. It is very frustrating sometimes not to understand what to do because of the language. For instance I cannot use any plugins because I don't understand anything at what they do (that's a pity!). Thanks God for people like you who take the time to explain in English because I LOVE 3DTS !! Oliver
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    Problem Gleisbelegung Status und Variablen

    Using Google translate I can guess that this is VERY interesting. Do you use (menu) EXTRAS -> EVENT CONTROL and then enter such data in ACTIVE TIMERS AND VARIABLES ? Some examples in English and maybe a couple of screenshots would be a dream for us here in the USA so that we can fully understand and enjoy 3DTS. Many thanks for taking the time to read my post. Oliver Virginia/USA
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    Moving Cars ?

    Michel and BahnLand, thank you very much. I had not visited the ' community experimental ' (I wasn't sure what that was about) and I had no idea about the 'dummy locomotives" !! (ps: The article in question is great) I am going to try to apply all this to my layout ! Again thank you SO much. Oliver
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    Moving Cars ?

    Hello everyone ! I am certain that this question was already answered but not being able to read in German I am humbly asking how (and if it is possible) to: 1) Lay some roads (from the STREET folder) 2) Chose a car / some cars (from the STREET > VEHICLES folder) 3) Move a car / cars along the roads/streets/highways ? ALSO: I noticed that some buses etc can be put on rails ? Is that how we move them ? But then how do you make the rails transparent ? Thank you so much !! Oliver Virginia / USA
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    Importing 3DS files - scale issue

    This helps tremendously ! Thank you Henry !
  19. Hello everyone, I have imported 3DS files into 3DTS: no problem. The issue is that they so not scale automatically to, let's say, N scale (in my case of course). The object is VERY BIG and even when selecting N it is still very big! Then I decided to import a 3DS file in BLENDER to change its scale so that it scales to 0.544 ( N ) and export it back as 3DS then again import into 3D Train Studio. And unfortunately that didn't change anything (same results) I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated. Oliver
  20. Hello everyone, Thanks to EASY and NEO I know now that I can save in my library an object (in my case 'tracks') that I have edited from an existing object, using CATALOG -> 3D MODELS NEW -> SELECTION. Of course I can then choose the EXISTING category where I save it (for instance "railroad" -> "tracks" -> "Atlas"). But my edited object is very specific, it is the N 55 series. I would like to create a FOLDER named "55 N" (for instance). Is it possible to do that ? Thank you so much. Oliver Virginia, USA
  21. lys_knight

    Can I create Customized Folders ?

    PS: the Atlas Planning Software (free and very basic) gives many dimensions when you mouseover any N 55 track. That is what I used to modify existing tracks to N55. In fact it is thanks to that software that I discovered and bought 3DTS http://www.atlasrr.com/software.htm (Download link is http://download.atlasrr.com/AtlasTPS_Setup_0_9_32b.exe as you will see on the page in question) Oliver
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    Can I create Customized Folders ?

    Dear Henry, you are so very kind. And thank you also for answering my question. Unfortunately I do not have any actual rail tracks.... It is my dream one day to build a true N scale layout using ATLAS 55 and that is why I love 3DTS so much because until I can do so I can design the layout of the my dreams according to the space I will have. I am not sure if that PDF document can help: http://download.atlasrr.com/TrackCat2010/18-46 N Track.pdf [PAGE 8 thru PAGE 11] Many thanks to you Henry. Oliver
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    What is a "Lock Switch" ?? (in WIKI)

    The article (in English) was very interesting. I learned a great deal today thanks to you. I had no idea these existed in real life ! Thank you so much BahnLand for your extremely detailed answer to my question. And yes indeed, I will have no problem creating individual lock switches following your instructions. Oliver
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    Oh Neo and Easy, it worked !! Oh thank you so much !!! I LOVE 3DTS, Keep up the great work ! Oliver
  25. I simply want to say a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the modelers. Oliver Virginia / USA