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RocStudio on Mac


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Just today I´ve discovered this software and I`m shocked, Congratulations!!!

Maybe this question have been solved in German but please help me in english...

I´m starting to build a Digital layout, so when I was making my research about Rocrail I found this usefull tool, First I saw a video showing staging in Rocrail combined with 3D-Train Studio, Wonderful.

I have a Mac so I was using RailModeller Pro to make my design and I was thinking to use Rocrail on Mac with my z21 to manage it, but...

I have a few questions!...
1.- Does 3D Modellbahn Studio on a Mac have the same possibilities? or is limited.. The full version works ok?
2.- Does RocSudio also work on Mac? The question is, Can I use Rocrail with 3D Modellbahn studio on a Mac working together?

I can run Windows on my Mac with Bootcamp, but I don´t want to switch systems all time.

And just one more little question:

3.- Can I import my work on RailModeller Pro to 3D Modellbahn Studio? http://www.railmodeller.com/

Thanks for your answers

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Hi Alex,

welcome to the 3D Train Studio community.

The Mac support of the 3D Train Studio is currently experimental, because it uses Wine to "emulate" Windows on Mac. You can try the standard version of the 3D Train Studio for free on your Mac, just download PlayOnMac and install the 3D Train Studio (located under "Games"). Note that some users reported problems with starting the 3D Train Studio due to graphics cards problems. These might be a Wine/Driver problem.

If the standard version runs well on your Mac, the full version should also be running. RocStudio should work on Mac (with the help of Wine). There are already users working with RocStudio on Linux.

At this moment, you cannot import your layouts from RailModeller Pro. The 3D Train Studio and RailModeller are developed by different people/companies.

Kind regards,


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Hi Neo

Thanks for your answer

Just yesterday, as soon as I return to home, I start the process of installing Wine and playOnMac, It was not easy, after many atemps I had discover that you need to first install XCode with the component tools in order for wine to be installed properly.

After that, I could install the 3D studio on my Mac, but when I tried It to run I had the graphic card drive problem, I install another components in order to solve the problem, but I couldn't, make It work.

With the forum in German or with the users that had, the same problem. Do you al ready know a solution for the graphic card problem?

Thanks Neo
Best Regards

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Hi Alex,

I'm still investigating the problems with the graphics card. Problem is, that I only have a virtual image to test the 3D Train Studio on MacOS X, which does not support 3D.

The Wine websites recommends installing and using XQuartz, perhaps this solves your problems. In the next days, I'm looking forward to get access to a real Mac device, so I hope I can reproduce the problem.

Kind regards,


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