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Unidirectional track enter events


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Hello, first thanks for your program. It's wonderful!

I'm working in automatic control for my first track. One of the things that make this difficult is track events. The same even is triggered when a train enters the track on both track ends. This is bad in bi-directional tracks, when different actions should be performed according to the train direction. I've found some work arouds, but... are you planning some condition to detect the end of the track the train is entering?

Thank you very much.


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Hello Antonio,

you can decide the direction of the train by specifying an additional condition for the train enter event:


Suppose that a train enters the track to be checked (here red colored) from the right.


This will be checked by the event "Zug betritt Gleis" (train enters track), where you miss the information, from which direction the train is coming.


Select now the tab "Bedingungen" (conditions) to specify an additional condition, which has also to be fulfilled for running the action specified within the tab "Aktionen" (actions). Select "Lok/Wagen steht auf einem Gleis" (train vehicle stays on track) and specify for example the track connected with the check track on the right (here green colored). If you don't check the "Negieren" (negation) checkbox, the condition must be true to realize the action. So, you have determined the direction, from which the train has entered the check track.

If you want to check whether the train is coming from the left, set the negation flag in the checkbox, or alternatively check the track conneted on the left of the check track instead of the green colored track on the right.


I hope, that my English is good enough to understand this short description, and that I could solve your problem with it.

Many greetings

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Thank you very much for your comment (and yes, your English is goog, better than mine!)

This was the "work around" I used to check the direction... :-) Anyway, It is a bit complex doing that in all the situation. Perhaps it could be a good enhancement for new versions, to be able to create directly the condition of the end the train enters the track, just as a suggestion.

Thanks again and best regards,


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