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Scratchbuilding "Off Site"


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I typically work in N scale, and most of the time I scratchbuild items directly on the layout I'm working on.  Since I do primarily work in N scale, I can "cheat" or ignore some of the smaller details that would need to be included on a larger scale model.  Still, there are some details that can't be ignored.

While building on the layout helps when it comes to making sure the new piece is going to fit in and look right where I want it, it can be more difficult working on small details than working in HO or a larger scale.  One way to make this easier is to work "off site".

By starting a new project as a "workbench", you can scratchbuild a building or a piece of equipment in a larger scale, such as HO or O, then either re-scale it on the workbench, or put it in your layout and rescale it.  If you aren't sure how to do this, when you've built your project;

1. Group the scratchbuilt object.

2. Select it with your mouse and change the scale of the item to the scale of your layout in the game's lower menu.

3. With the scratchbuilt item still selected, select "edit" then "copy" from the game's top menu.

4. Close the "workbench", then open the layout you're working on.

5.  Select "edit" then "paste" from the games top menu.

The scratchbuilt item will now be on your layout in the scale of the layout.


Here's a clip of one of my "workbenches" showing and example of how scratchbuilt items can be built in a larger scale to make the detail work easier, then reduced to the scale of the layout I'm working on before saving it and pasting it into a layout.  If my workbench looks a little thick for some reason, it's because it is.  I raise the terrain on my layouts to "5" before I start building so I can add rivers or lower elevations later, so it's a good idea to make your workbench the same thickness as your layout so items aren't lost somewhere under the layout's surface.



Or you can bring the new item into the layout in the scale it was built, then reduce it to the layout's scale as shown below:Changing_scale_4.jpg


Changing_scale_7.jpg Changing_scale_5.jpg

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