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How to change track textures


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Hi Jbkey1

maybe you want to change the texture of a set of selected tracks:

  1. select some tracks ( i.e. #2 and #4),
  2. Select Track properties to change default texture,
    in the upcoming Textures menue select Tracks
  3. Then you will find a first selection of textures to use.
    Select one of the textures or choose Colors as EASY did.
  4. Select a color with double-click(ie. DB_Ausfahrt)
  5. All selected tracks have changed to the new chosen texture DB_Ausfahrt.

You can use this feature to mark some special properties of a track in your own way for your own purposes.

Try to change #1 + #3 +  #5 to any other color , use change track texture.mbp

Regards, Henry


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