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Finding Object References


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I apologise if this has already been suggested - I'm quite new here.

Something that I think would be really useful would be a feature where I could search for all references to any object across all the events. It would make it much easier to track errors in event coding - for example when copying an event group multiple times, it's easy to forget to change a reference. Hunting through every event in every group can be somewhat tedious.

Another feature that would be really handy for testing and debugging events would be a real-time display of variable values. If this exists, I haven't yet found it. The only way to check the values of variables is to open the event wizard, and go to the "Active Variables and Timers" tab, but doing so automatically pauses the simulation. It would be handy to be able to monitor maybe a specific variable or two, to see whether they get changed when they should.

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