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  1. Yeah.... Everything else works. But that darn "Flexible Rope" is impossible. This is fine if your cable car runs horizontally in a straight line, and even causes few problems if the cables are angled, but run in a straight line between pylons - which kinda defeats the object? But the moment you click that green arrowhead to try and pull the cable into a curve, the darned thing twists. And I've not got the cable running at a funny angle, it's straight up and down the x-axis. Getting it to untwist is next to impossible I've found. (Actually this is similar to what happened
  2. Korrektur: Wie oben beschrieben, "driftet" das Auto nach oben oder unten, wenn sich der Winkel des Kabels ändert, da sich der Winkel von Kamera 1 ändert und Kamera 2 Kamera 1 verfolgt, wobei sich der Verfolgungspunkt irgendwo im Körper der Kamera befindet und nicht das Objektiv, in dem sich das Widget befindet. Ich habe versucht, die Kameras umzukehren, wobei Kamera 2 auf die Klemmen und Kamera 1 auf Kamera 2 fokussiert war, wodurch die Drift behoben wurde, aber als sie auf das horizontale Kabel traf, explodierte sie irgendwie! Ich habe versucht, eine Lösung zu finden ... Das
  3. Correction: As described above, as the angle of the cable changes, so the car "drifts" up or down, because Camera 1's angle is changing, and camera 2 is tracking camera 1, the tracking point being somewhere in the body of the camera rather than the lens where the widget is. I tried reversing the cameras, having Camera 2 focussed on the clamps and camera 1 focused on camera 2. that fixed the drift but when it hit the horizontal cable it sort-of exploded! I have tried to think of a solution... The only thing I can see that will work is having a second car at 90° to the first one,
  4. Seems I owe you an apology! Once I read through what you told Dad3353 a second time, while actually doing it on the layout, I realised exactly what you were saying and how it works. So, sorry, and thanks! Now I just need to get the cable to behave itself and do what I tell it instead of what it thinks I should be telling it! I just tried a little experiment. Camera 1: aligned with the cable, focussed on the "drive" cable clamps, linked to and tracking the cable clamps. Camera 2: aligned at right-angle to the cable, focused on, linked to and tracking Camera 1. C
  5. Really? That's interesting, I didn't realise you could do that. I'll have a go. Doesn't solve all the other problems though, like how to make that so-called "flexible rope" go where I want it to go! Oh, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a challenge as much as the next guy. But having faced and solved several different challenges and spent three entire evenings fiddling about trying to get it to behave, only to have each solved problem bring up another brand new one, I finally ran out of patience and reverted back to a previous save. Instead I spent Saturday afternoon/evening finishing the ca
  6. The problem with that is that it restricts the operator to only viewing the chairlift from one camera. I think my preferred option is not to include the chairlift after all. It's too much like hard work for something that is supposed to be fun.
  7. I'm trying to put a cable car and/or a chair lift on a mountainous layout, because I think it would look cool, and also give a reason for the railway to go half way up the side of a mountain and stop! (Ski sloaps will probably follow. But there are many problems associated with the cable car / chair lift set centred on item 576399B5-366A-4C43-BD67-3A21B25C087D Circulating cable and Chairlift stations. To start with, the "cable" that is a fixed part of the station is not a track, it's just a static part of the model. To make the cars go into the station, it is necessary to put an actu
  8. The answer to this is to use a keyword on the track contact, say "Hay bale Contact", and an object variable called (say) "Hay bale" also on the contact which contains the object id of the bale you want to appear. This can be set by simply clicking on the bale when you create the object variable. Select both the contact and the bale, copy and paste both, and this will automatically populate the new track contact's variable with the corresponding new bale. Your event then looks like this: I use "Upon Leaving" because that lets you put the bale on top of the contact that triggers i
  9. Hi Curt Well, I'd be lying if I said there were no gaps, but there are no deliberate gaps. The tunnel in the screen shot is all one long section, and you can clearly see the wall of the tunnel where the light is coming through. The only gaps are where the gradient changes in the tunnel. @BahnLand Definitely inside the mountain. The one at the bottom is the one in the previous shot . That's it in the foreground Move the view a fraction and the sunlight vanishes! Move a bit more, and it's as if someone cut the side off the mountain!
  10. We all know about "The light at the end of the tunnel", (and how the more cynical among us always assume it's the headlight of the train coming the other way!) And in fact that's pretty easy to model... But I seem to have a different problem: It seems the Sun is powerful enough to penetrate the side of the mountain and the wall of the tunnel... The tunnel is solid. What's more, it seems the light is only visible from some angles! I did try capturing a video that shows the patch of light closest suddenly appear as if something has moved out of the way, but I am unable to li
  11. I have done something similar. This was created in V5 (but still works in V6!) Worth note: Where the river meets the end of the baseboard, there's an additional rectangle "Ebene" (to use the word our German hosts use) coloured with the same water texture, and turned through 90° on the Y axis, so it is vertical and in the same plane as the edge of the baseboard, thus giving an end to the water itself This one is entirely in V6, but is a work in progress. Partly because I need to clear out all the events and start from scratch... The river is quite shallow and the waterfal
  12. Hi Bahnland Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. But if you knew how much trouble I had just getting the doors to open and close when I wanted them to... (The thread is still near the top in "Problems and Solutions"). I have to say, I hadn't noticed that, but I'll add a half second delay for V2. Danke, ich schätze das Kompliment. Aber wenn Sie wüssten, wie viel Mühe ich hatte, die Türen zu öffnen und zu schließen, als ich wollte, dass sie ... (Der Thread befindet sich in "Probleme und Lösungen" immer noch ganz oben). Ich muss sagen, ich hatte das nicht bemerkt, aber ich werde eine
  13. Actually, on the prototype, there is never a free block between trains during rush hour. At least, not in this country! What looks like a free block is actually the length of the block normally being several times longer than the train. The reason obviously being to give the ATP system time to stop the train before it ploughs into the back of the one in front, should the driver fail to stop at the signal. In the situation you show above , going left to right, Block 3 is clear and thus the signal to enter that block would be green. However normal operation would mean that the train
  14. Thanks Doug. Yes, I know it needs road traffic. I've mot had good experiences with cars though. They do weird things fo no reason, and I've never been ableto figure out a way of making them behave at junctions... Then again if I took the "priority" signs off the junctions, then everything stopping even on the main road would probably be realistic...! I spotted the doors on that tower opening and closing while I was fiddling with the landscape - You're referring to the brick tower in the corner, right? I didn't have the heart to turn them off! Hmm. The third person was actually s
  15. Danke. Ich freu mich, dass es dir gefällt. Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
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