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  1. Sorry for the double post, but actually, you can store the required speeds actually on the locomotive - I've done that in the past. Also possible to store a "low speed" for advance signals indicating danger at the next main signal, should you want that to be different from the track limit of 24mph.
  2. Sounds like something I'd solve with a variable on the locomotive called "Train Type". When the signal changes and you set the loco's speed, check that variable first, and use it to set the table index to get the speed you want... But that's just me.
  3. Thanks. Sorry to be the barer of bad news like that. I think Occam's Razor is the answer to this one. Use shorter rakes of waggons and line the one in the middle up correctly, thus halving the error at both ends! But thanks for trying. It really is a great little model. Was that oil tanker terminal I saw - I think it was on V4 - yours? Because that inspired me! Actually, it uses a very different set of parts, so probably not!
  4. As an addendum to that: I have just tried altering the scale of the oiler platform by the smallest amount possible. With scale of 1.0 it is fractionally too short. With scale of 1.01 is is fractionally too long!
  5. Hi Hubert, Thank you for the advice and the test layout. I was actually hoping that I was wrong, and that there was some secret combination of the oiler parts that I was not privy to. Finding I was correct is somewhat disappointing. May I ask you to set up an oiling platform with 12 identical tanks? If you line the first tank up exactly, by the 11th one the hose is off the front (or back depending on your point of view) of the inlet. The effect can be best demonstrated with two of the longer wagons. I tried it with the Texaco ones before creating this thread yesterday
  6. (Please blame Google for any translation errors) Brief summary of the situation so far: I started out doing an experiment to see if I could make one of the aircraft models take off and land realistically. It has turned into my next major project. (Bitte geben Sie Google für Übersetzungsfehler die Schuld) Kurze Zusammenfassung der bisherigen Situation: Ich begann mit einem Experiment, um zu sehen, ob ich eines der Flugzeugmodelle realistisch starten und landen lassen konnte. Es ist mein nächstes großes Projekt geworden. The Problem: You can just see in
  7. Thanks. I was doing that but got frustrated with replacing 7 existing junctions, so decided to take a break. But I do need to ask and wasn't sure where: Roads in Germany, do they really have the "Priority over joining traffic" sign at every junction? I would have thought it would be more like a speed limit, where the sign is at the place where the priority starts, and the "end of priority" sign is at the point where it ends, and the priority applies to all junctions in between...?
  8. Ah right, like the Marklin control panels. Gotcha! <tries again> Right. I hope you don't mind me saying but I'd loose the white lines on the edges. They're unnecessary as the road actually has it's own white lines built in, and they're actually misaligned slightly. Keep the centre lines and stop lines, but the stop line needs to be a bit longer... Also, there's a question I've been dying to ask for ages, but I think it needs a new topic.
  9. Well.................................. Seems it has no switches and no edit option to add them. I'm guessing it's designed for V7? Doesn't want to play at V6...
  10. But.... I'm still getting the hang of V6! Also, having cars select the route automatically sounds good, but with trains, that would take some of the fun out of it...! After all, car drivers choose which turnings to take, but train drivers have the route selected for them by the guy in the signal box.
  11. I have been playing... I have managed to create two versions of a junction. The fist one I made by adding routes to a single lane road, and the second one by adding routes to a two-lane road. They both work after a fashion. The single lane one has road markings that move, while the two-lane one doesn't have a visible junction! But if I can make these, with my limited skill set...? The one built from the single lane is selected, It does have two lanes and 6 routes, but I turned off the road markings because they were annoying me. The one built from the two-lane road is plugged in
  12. All very nice, but doesn't actually solve the problem that the only two junctions available that don't have pavements have a different road surface from the new country road set, and the white lines and verges are also different. See: I mean I could go through the entire layout and change the surface on all the new road pieces to match the junction, but wouldn't it be better to have a junction available that matches the new roads with at least some of the same features? That junction is the one from the country roads with routes, but the one without routes looks exactly the sam
  13. Saved to the catalogue as 41BABA4C-368F-42EE-9C3D-60E50EE2D66A in case anyone else wants to use it
  14. Thanks Goetz. I didn't know you could do that! How? I have managed to export the layout as a .mbp file but cannot see any way of importing it into anther layout. I managed to export it as a .mbe file, which I can import, but it didn't save the functionality. I'm clearly missing something. Found it! Paste From > Layout
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