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  1. Ah... I think I have found a solution... The transparent "container floor" strategically placed on the waggon. Still interested to know if anyone has a simpler solution.
  2. Trying to make a freight terminal. There are plenty of containers, plenty of container waggons, plenty of flatbed lorries. And plenty of cranes that will pick up a container from one place and put it on another. And they all seem to work fine. Except for one problem. As you can see, the crane has placed the container perfectly on top of the flatcar... Except the top of the flatcar is 1m (scaled) above the bed of the flat car. I have looked at every single flatcar available in the catalogue and they all have something sticking up above the load bed. Is there somet
  3. The above is prototype overhead catenary wires. Note that the wires are all straight. In version 5, with the "non-flexible" bending it was possible to recreate this. At version six, it seems the non-fexible bending has been removed entirely, meaning that the overhead wires curve majestically and unrealistically around with the track. Sure, it's a lot easier to pit them on, but it's now impossible to make it look right. Or maybe I'm missing something?
  4. Something I forgot... If a catenary mast happens to land in the way of a signal or in the middle of a turnout or some other feature that is only on one side of the track. there is a simple solution: Only do this to a mast that has been un-grouped. Select the mast and boom (or booms/hangars) but NOT the catenary wires. The name will show as "Multiple Selection". On the position tab, the rotations will average to zero. In the Z rotation, type 180 and enter. This will reverse the orientation of the mast and boom. Then slide it across the track until the boom locks in place.
  5. Hi people. (For those who read German I'll provide a translation, but please don't blame me if it's hilariously wrong - blame Google Translate!) I know there is a plug-in that puts up a catenary system on the track, but to be honest, I've not found it easy to use, even once I translated the instructions.Also, any variations need to be added in afterwards, and things like turnouts, signals, station platforms and the like all need to be re-done. And from past experience I have found that linking the actual catenary to the masts can cause what I call "fold-back" on the spline, where it
  6. Gotta watch those sneaky initial values! It is great fun. My first real working layout was at V4, and was a two track end-to-end with reversing loops and a fiddle-yard at one end, a decent size station and a working coal mine and power station coal depot. All fully automated except for the start buttons, it had an 18 waggon coal train that had the wagons filled at the mine by a shunter, then when all three rakes of 6 waggons were full, the main loco collected them and took them down onto the main line (which was on continuous running so the coal train sometimes had to wait for a slot to p
  7. @Henry Yep that was it. It's not perfect, because the signal stays where it is but the base moves, or vice versa but it's close enough. So thanks Note the black contact box is different in the third picture. Can't be helped, it's just the way it is!
  8. Hey @Dad3353 I just had a look at the layout Variations. Did you solve the issue with the N2 crossing yet? Because I can tell you what is wrong and if you haven't found it, I think you might kick yourself...! Simon
  9. Also... A quick flirt with Google Translate reveals that @Henry did something similar in his signalling tutorial for the ground signal of a 3-way point. I knew I'd seen that somewhere! And I now know how to do the 3-way point on my layout too!
  10. Well that turned out to be trickier than I thought it would be... The hard part was making it so it would take trains alternately if they were waiting, but just pass the trains from one side if none were coming the other way... Still not perfect - If I take all the trains off going anticlockwise but leave them running clockwise, I have to manually change a couple of points and signals to start things moving for some reason I don't want to try and solve... Now looking at my junctions... Oh yes, this is going to be interesting when I get it going. I'm going to use a variant of sto
  11. Got that working, I used the track contact on advance (pre-) signals to check the block indicator and set things accordingly. I've also managed to get a train exiting the viaduct to start a train waiting to enter. Currently figuring out how to combine the two so a train that has already passed the advance signal but not stopped yet still gets started... I think I have a solution... Yep, that will work!
  12. Thanks. Now I just have to put the rest of the signals in where I think I need them, along with their contacts, decide how I'm going to set the preceding signal to green (probably when signal contact is activated on leaving, and store the name of the preceding signal in each one). But most importantly I need to figure out how to automate this: Yep, that's a single track viaduct with a train waiting at both ends. (view from the cab of one and the other is that raised blip in the far distance...) I really wanted a viaduct, and couldn't find a two-track one I liked. And I figured
  13. So... With programming/coding there is no "Right" way of achieving something as long as it works... I have just done the same on V5, (because I have no patience and I want it now!) and it's actually a bit simpler... An object variable on the track contact, which is set further back from the signal to allow the train to slow (distance by trial and error!), holds the address of the signal it relates to. When the contact with the keyword STOP is triggered on entry, if contact.variables["Signal for"].state == 0 then vehicle.targetSpeed = 0 contact.variables["Signal for"].varia
  14. Hey guys Thanks a million, those were really helpful. V6 looks really amazing and I can't wait to see it. (By the way, I spotted the missing full-stop before either of you! My wife must think I'm crazy, because I was all but yelling "There's a full-stop missing...!" at the computer screen!)
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