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  1. Hi Goetz, Thanks. I think it's both, but basically one of my consists ended up as combination 4 where the rest were all 3. Cheers Simon
  2. Hi Hawkeye I had a feeling it was something like that. The wagons should all be pointing the right way from now on, so hopefully I won't have the problem again. I made sure to swap all the wagons to point the right way. Odd that if I hadn't wanted the shunt loco to be facing the consist. it wouldn't have happened. Also it's good to know thatbI only have to check the wagon at the rear. Thanks for the assist. Simon
  3. Hi folks. A fairly straight forward question, I hope, but I would love an answer, please. I'm using the following event to load all the wagons in a consist into a table list on the loco that's pulling them. Everything works just fine, but on one particular consist I noticed it loaded backwards. (With rather strange results when it came to loading the wagons!) I think it was because the wagons were the wrong way around, the loco attached to the back of the train and the iteration went the wrong way. So I have flipped the direction of those wagons. What I want to know is, am I cor
  4. Hi. I agree with Herman, that is some fantastic work. I would love to have a copy of the various platform accessories.
  5. I would be interested to know how others handle this issue. Mich würde interessieren, wie andere mit diesem Problem umgehen. I'm running a "fast clock", with 24 hours = 1h 36min, meaning 1 Minute = 4 seconds. Ich arbeite mit einer "schnellen Uhr", mit 24 Stunden = 1 Stunde 36 Minuten, was 1 Minute = 4 Sekunden bedeutet. But the model portrays "scale speed" accurately. At 1:160 scale, 10 x 663.37mm lengths of track come out at just over 1km to scale. (663.37 x 10 x160 = 1061392 mm, / 1000 = 1061.392m). Set a vehicle to run this length of track at 60km per hour, and it does
  6. I think @Dad3353 has had some success with UK style signals? I'm pretty sure you need to animate the model.
  7. Thanks, Andy. This works: $("Events").variables["TimeS"] = tostring(time) $("Events").variables["List Name"] = "List " .. $("Events").variables["TimeS"] Giving me the name of a list variable that is to be actioned at a given time! Now for the next bit!
  8. I can't seem to find how to do this in Lua, but it must be possible because it is the most basic of programming functions. I seem to remember: Begin Var A = "Hello" Var B = " World" Var C = A + B WriteLn C End As being the first ever program I wrote!
  9. So basically, you could set the route to "do nothing" and then have an event on the signal's track contact "upon leaving"... This makes perfect sense to me. (Half second delay added for the signalman's reaction time!)
  10. I have a new favorite: "Fáhrtrichtungsanzeiger" With "-links" or "-rechts" on the end. That's the one on the buses!
  11. Hi Herman. I could be wrong, but I think the whole purpose of the "Route gets released" function is to set the signal to red, or to whatever you want it to be, as the train passes. You can select any of the signal aspects and that is what the signal changes to as the train passes. I'm not entirely sure why you would set it to anything other than HP0, other than (possibly) SH1 or Zs1, but it's nice to have the option. Hallo Hermann. Ich könnte mich irren, aber ich denke, der ganze Zweck der Funktion "Route wird freigegeben" besteht darin, das Signal auf Rot zu setzen oder a
  12. Yes this is what I have done with the road vehicles on the test track. A somewhat more daunting task for all those vehicles stored in that virtual depot. I'll do it because I want to, but it's a mammoth task. And I do understand that the various vehicles were made by different people at different times, and I'm both grateful and impressed. But I still think a bit of streamlining is in order!
  13. Thank you, Herman. There's all these neat little animations, so it's worth figuring out how to use them. It's just a shame they're called any of... "Blinker Links", "Blinker-Links", "1 Blinker Links" "xx Blinker Links" (where xx is any number from 01 to 10), or my personal favourite: "01 - Blinker-Links" - note the two spaces after the hyphen? These really should be standardised, remove all hyphens and numbers and just call them "Blinker Links" and (of course) "Blinker Rechts". (The same applied to aircraft with opening doors, raising undercarriage etc). It's going to be nightmare i
  14. It needs a kick is all, set the silver tractor moving and everything else should solve itself! For some reason that vehicle doesn't auto-accelerate properly.
  15. Now even flasher! B18BF551-1677-4277-AE1B-6019275E4E4E Unfortunately that's a pun that only works in English! By the way, someone needs to take a day or two and go through all the model vehicles and tidy up the names of the animations!
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