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adjusting terrain under tracks


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I have never really liked how the terrain looks under tracks when adjusting the ground to meet a track that is slightly elevated.   I will be using an example of something that I found that works well.

I have track that is at +10 in Z elevation.   I lowered it to 2 and set the width for adjustment to 100.    I adjusted the terrain, then raised the track to 4, reduced the adjustment width to 90, and adjusted again.    Repeat for elevation 6 and width of 80,  Then 8 and 70 and 10 and 60.   the result looks more like prototype.


the red area is old type,  the green is my new method.


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Let's take this one step further.  As in first post, I started at 10 mm and adjusted as in first post.


when I get back up to 10 mm, the track sits exactly at the terrain level, but if you have ever walked prototype tracks,

you will find that the ties are partly buried in Ballast.   I've walked this very track, and found this to be so.


the solution is to drop the height of the track by 1 mm to 9 mm.   The ties are now partly buried, and it looks more like Prototype.





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