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Rocstudio: report loco/car 'identificaiton' to Rocrail, feat. request


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I have been using Rocstudio plugin and it's doing a good job, however...
The plugin is not reporting the car/loco name over with the sensor information '<fb... >' events.

It would be very nice to have this feature.  So I was experimenting with MQTT to discover which parameter needs to be used to pass on the loco ID to Rocrail server.

Here is an example of what Rocstudio plugin currently sends (simplified), when the loco passes over a section of track.  In this example the track section is called blk1in.  Notice the 'identifier' field is empty...

<fb id="blk1in" state="true" identifier=""/>


And here is what would allow Rocrail to see the sensor as a transponder type.  (Meaning that the loco / car name is passed to Rocstudio over each section of track.)

<fb id="blk1in" state="true" identifier="Loco1"/>


Hoping  @Neo will find this :)


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