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Hi Steve

Step 1

Under Catalog click Make available offline


Step 2

Confirm by clicking OK


In case you tried it this way already without luck it check if you have volume restrictions on your internet connection.

The Get more information online button unfortunately links you to some info in German. Basically it explains:

Do I need permanent internet connection for running MBS?

No, you only need to be connected for the initial activation of the professional version and for accessing the online catalogue. Online content downloaded once will be stored by the program automatically so these won't need downloading again. The max storage space for this can be configured in program settings. A minimum size of 2MB allows opening and modifying the last opened layout without internet connection.

In addition you can download the construction-elements catalogue for working completely without internet connection. To save storage space only not (already) archived content (models, textures,sounds) will be saved. Layout's other users will need to be downloaded manually. Text (name) searching the 3D model catalogue is not possible offline.

Hope this helps



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