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Amtrak Pacific Surfliner consist


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someone should make an Amtrak Surfliner consist, like as i have in my profile image.

Amtrak Surfliner F59PHI #463 | Amtrak Surfliner F59PHI #463 … | Flickr

the F59PHI and the cars,


and a cabcar, it is similar to the cars but has a cab and lights,


this is an american train consist, it runs on the Surf Line route from San Luis Obispo CA to San Diego CA, i wanted this train for a while, but cannot find any HO scale cars that would complete the consist with the Athers F59PHI. i want to atleast see if i can have this train im my layout for 3D Train Studio.

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vor 4 Minuten schrieb catflight679:

if it helps you out, the Amtrak California Surfliner cars are a modified Amtrak Superliner car. you can find images of these to help you. Kato - Superliner I Coach - Ready to Run - Amtrak #34086 (Phase ...


Yup, this is what i mean...this one has 11 windows..

But again, its a model. I am trying to respect, where i can, the oficial measurements stated in the PDF i have added before... on the millimeter.

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umm, i'll get some images, i just have to look on google, thank you. if you need more just search for some, i may not be on often.

okay... i could not find a good image, but here's a video, you can probrably get some good shots out of this! 



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i think it'll be more accurate with the actual surfliner cars.

here's a cabcar, just as a reference too, Pacific Surfliner crossing trestle at Arroyo Hondo, May 2018.jpg

here's another view, just with a different amtrak california wrap, im not worried about the paint. Fresno station 2425 26.JPG

Surfliner Cars on the Southwest Chief 4K - YouTubePASSENGER CAR PHOTO INDEX - AMTRAK CALIFORNIA 6900 - 8032

these are just some better images i though will be helpful for the cabcar, when you get there.

i also got the other side of the coach.

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i got an idea that'll make it a bit easier, if you know what microsoft train simulator, there's a consist editor called TSRE5. if you download it correctly there should be a "Shape Viewer" that allows you to look around a 3D model of the consist. you can get that and i can send you the shapes of the locomotive(s) an car(s).

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here they are. to install make a folder, place the OpenAL32.dll there along with TSRE5_v0.6981.exe. then just open the .exe file. 

i'll send over the shapes, all you need to do is open them in the TSRE5 Shape Viewer.

i wont send it here yet if you dont want it, but if you want to then just tell me. its a good suggestion to make it much easier.

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Got that, done that . But thanks !

I have seen about all the pics i could see on forums; http://passcarphotos.rypn.org/Indices/CDTX1.htm is one of them.

It seems that it is a bit random on the windows.

Ill just keep it similar to the same kind of cars. So couches, couche / café and bussinesclass will look diferent.

Cab cars are diferent anyhow because of the cabine windows.

At thats not even the hardest part... the engine will be a tough deal....but i got the engine !





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soon ill start a thread in Models.

English/german version, so that everybody thats not that familiar in english can participate aswell.

And then ill load up some pics and the trial version of the Couch in MBS.

Still a long way to go though untill all is done. Doing all in afterhours, because the holidays are over.


greetings from Brazil and stay healthy


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