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Program crash

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Hi to all

I'm curious. Over the last week to 10 days I have experienced a rather annoying phenomena and wonder if this is a general issue and therefore experienced by others or whether it is peculiar to just me. I have to say that the layout that I am currently immersed in is quite large, currently 4100 KB, and certain parts of the program are now starting to run slower than they did but I am now experiencing a basic crash of the program. I load the layout, work on it and then have to answer emails or do other work so I minimise the program and leave it on the taskbar. For some strange reason, I might be working on emails or in another unrelated program when my computer screen suddenly goes black. When it comes back on I get an error message telling me that there has been an unexplained error and that the program must close, which it does immediately. Any work not backed up is lost. This means that I am constantly backing up every 30mins or even more frequently. I know it is not an issue with the computer as I am constantly checking how it is coping with my usage through the task Manager. Processor usage is minimum, memory is around 25% usage. One aspect that I do not understand is an item called Rodem.notifier.wpf (32 bit) which is running using 12.2% of CPU and shows "very high" under power usage.

Anyway I just wondered if any of you really smart techy guys could throw any light on this annoying problem.

Any advice, short of attacking the computer with a large hammer, would be greatly appreciated.


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Good morning all

I seem to have solved the query regarding the Rodem.Notifier.wpf. Having spoken to a friend, who has much more tech knowledge than myself, he was able to explain how I could locate this program. It would seem that it was part of the installation process for my Brother Iprint/scan application and that for some reason it was running constantly. Having removed the program, rebooted the computer and reinstalled the program for said printer it is no longer running all the time so I am only left with 3D Train Studio running at Very High. Whether this will solve the program crash issue only time will tell.



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