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Help in English Please


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I have try the 3D TrainStudio for free, and like to buy it, BUT before i like to know something if i can that.

I have make model in different Scala, and like to do it Again in 3D TS, but when i try to find anything to build on, i only find small of this..

as you can se e, A ( Plattenversatz to make track on
And here is one of my railtracks in 15 x 15 meters
<a href="http://en.3d-modellbahn.de/files/forum/images/2427/jernbane-1418480988.png" class="colorbox colorbox-insert-image" rel="gallery-all"><img src="/files/styles/forum_image/public/forum/images/2427/jernbane-1418480988.png?itok=0TUr0G_-" width="755" height="385" alt="" class="image-caption image-forum-image" /></a>

I also like to know...................HOW to raise tracks up to a hill and around a mountain

Regards Per


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Hello gippermand,

what is your question? Do you want to know how to increase the size of the ground (panel)? Double click on the ground and click in the properties window (lower right) the edit button to set the size of the ground panel.

To move objects to another height, just select them and click and move the z-axis of the gizmo up and down (blue line).

Kind regards,


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