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A recent post "Berthing a Ship" has highlighted another anomaly that I would like to know whether or not can be solved.

Movement, as we all know, is very important to a model. Trains and vehicles who's wheels do not turn loose quite a lot of authenticity. In the same way when a ship moves it creates both a bow wave and prop/stern wash. These are both elements that I have pondered on for some time and and whilst I appreciate the fact that this program is essentially a model railway one, all types of transportation are included, thus far I have not been able to find a satisfactory solution to these two issues. However during my ship berthing experiment I feel that I have been able to achieve a modest success with the prop wash effect although it still needs much fine tuning, but I believe a good result is achievable. The only thing that I have noticed is that depending upon the angle of view the effect all but disappears.

This brings me to my question. Does anyone know how, or what can be altered in order to remove this anomaly so that the prop/stern wash remains visible at all times that it is required?

The experiment is attached to highlight the issue. Simply press play and double click on the switch on the quayside wall.


Berthing1 experiment.mbp

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