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I've only known about MBS for a short period, and didn't dive in until around February. The learning curve has been steep for each step taken, starting from simple event controls before learning how to do things in Lua. Then came figuring out blender and how to make models, and finally how to animate them. I will start to put some of those examples up here, but I haven't gotten the chance to make then clean enough for general release in the catalog. Everything I add will be for those that are creating layouts based in North America.

First is the PRR style Colored Position Lights that can still be seen on the North East Corridor primarily between Philadelphia and New York City. The style here differs slightly  from the B&O designs. 

The first model is the upper head, with includes a track contact. There are two variants, multi-colored and single-colored:


The second model is the lower head, and does not include the track contact. There are 4 variants, slim multi-colored, slim single-colored:


narrow multi-colored and narrow single-colored:


The examples above are shown in order of various signal states going left to right, with the single-colored variant above their multi-colored counterparts,. They are not physically connected.

All variants are based on the same Blender file, just with certain components hidden when not needed. This means all variants have the same number of signal states, though not all will be visible for each variant:

As listed:

0 - (   ) - [ Off / Aus ]
1 - ( | ) - [ Clear / Klar ]
2 - ( / ) - [ Approach / Ansatz ]
3 - ( - ) - [ Stop / Stoppen ]
4 - ( \ ) - [ Undefined / Nicht definiert ]
5 - ( | ) - [ Cab Speed / Kabinensignal ]
6 - ( / ) - [ Advance Approach / Vorangegangener Ansatz ]
7 - ( - ) - [ Undefined / Nicht definiert ]
8 - ( \ ) - [ Undefined / Nicht definiert ]

Physical Appearance:

0 - Off - No Lights
1 - Vertical Green or Amber - Solid
2 - Forward Slant Amber - Solid
3 - Horizontal Red or Amber - Solid
4 - Backward Slant Amber - Solid
5 - Vertical Green or Amber - Flashing
6 - Forward Slant Amber - Flashing
7 - Horizontal Red or Amber - Flashing
8 - Backward Slant Amber - Flashing

There are many rules for these signals when stacked that can be found online, but the most basic are universal, For the upper head:

1 - The next block is clear, the following block is clear. Proceed normally.
2 - The next block is clear, the following block is occupied. Proceed slowly.
3 - The next block is occupied. Stop.

It is common for the upper head to exist without the lower head, but it is rare for there to be a lower head without and upper head.




All variants can are height adjustable, and can be rotated on their mounting bracket via animation.

Let me know if you would like a specific variation to this signal, and I will do what I can.

Further reading can be found here or by searching Color Position Lights:



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vor 28 Minuten schrieb michaeljstinsman:

I haven't gotten the chance to make then clean enough for general release in the catalog

Hello Michael,

Help is at hand with that, if you want it.
US signals would be a very welcome addition to the catalogue.

Bypassing the catalogue on the other hand is less desirable, because it makes sharing a layout with other users cumbersome to say the least.
There's a good reason for having one common catalogue for all users. And restrictions concerning the catalogue are there to ensure that all objects work well, when combined in one layout.

Kind regards

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