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Using Primitives to fill in holes.

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This isn't a problem so much as a solution to one, that I thought I'd share, in case any newer members are having the same trouble and haven't come up with their own way of solving it yet...

So the problem arises because the baseboard is based around a rectangular grid. Obviously this has to be there, and frankly I'm always amazed at the level of detail the graphics in MBS can display. But the simple fact is that the rectangular grid creates corners And when raising or lowering terrain to create bridges or tunnels, these corners can get in the way.

This is especially the case when creating embankments or cuttings using the ramp tool, and the track is not angled exactly at 0°, 90°, -90° or 180°.


When trying to put a bridge on that track, one can find that the baseboard pokes through the support piers. Move the bridge away or lower the offending bit of terrain so it doesn't, and you end up with gaps...


Now, if you aren't a perfectionist like me then, this may be acceptable to you. Each to their own, as I've stated in a different thread on this forum. Some people just want to get everything moving and aren't bothered by what it looks like... Others, like me, want everything to look right. And of course there is the full spectrum in between,

For those of us nearer the perfectionist end of the spectrum, I offer the following:

On the objects' menu right at the end is a section labelled "Extra". This is where the primitive shapes and the particle effects, as well as the cameras, sound sources, measuring tools, contact points and text boxes, can all be found. (I'm saying this for the benefit of anyone really new, who hasn't plucked up the courage to explore the "Extra" section yet...!)

In the primitives' menu, you can find a variety of flat shapes and solid shapes. I've used these in the past to construct quite detailed buildings. But for this purpose, consider the flat rectangle "Ebene".


Not particularly impressive?  But position it right, just below the ground level (I use the1:1 scale track and baseboard, so it goes 5mm lower), size it correctly and colour it, and we get this:


"Ah," I here the perfectionists say, "But you still have a gap there on the right!"


Ah, yes. But this is where the box comes in


A bit of fiddling with the edges of the embankment, and it all looks the way I want it to.


The above pics were on a dummy layout. Here are a couple of examples from the layout I'm building:Bridge1A.thumb.jpg.cd05f4d78a8f26d64d411d4fc3818e99.jpg



I hope this proves useful to at least one person...



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