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  1. gradev2000

    Windows 10 and DirectX 9

    Further to my ongoing graphics problem I hoping someone can give me a bit of advice to a possible work around. Unfortunatly my budget prevents me buying a new computer. So my possible work around is to buy a USB external graphic adapter. My questions are, would this resolve my graphic problems and can anyone recommend a budget device? The computer is an “Ergo” laptop The specs are as follows Processor: Intel Atom (N570) Dual core @ 1.66GHz Ram: 2GB OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit Display adaptor: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 (Microsoft WDDM 1.0) I look forward to getting some expert advice. Thanks in advance Graeme
  2. gradev2000

    Windows 10 and DirectX 9

    Hi Neo. Thanks for your reply. After I sent the message I re-read the message and realized I was wrong. It has now occurred to me the problem is an incompatible video card. Apologies for wasting your time. Graeme
  3. gradev2000

    Windows 10 and DirectX 9

    Hello Firstly forgive my lack of German language. I have tried using 3D Train Studio on my windows 10 laptop but when I run the program I get a message saying that DirectX can't be found and the program runs slower than it should. I've looked at the windows/system32 folder and all the DirectX files are there. Can anyone provide any assistance please? Thanks in advance. Graeme